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Germany is a nation rich in culture, scenery and other attractions of interest to travelers.

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Berlin Sites, Architecture & Museums Brandenburg Gate at sunset. Berlin, Germany Mirrored funnel within German Bundestag dome. Berlin, Germany Victory Column commemorates Prussian victory in Second Schleswig War. Berlin, Germany
Köln (Cologne), Germany Köln Cathedral & Great St. Martin Church from opposite bank of Rhine River. Köln, Germany Colorful restored historic dwellings of Fischmarkt area with tower of Great St. Martin church in background. Köln, Germany Busy Rhine River traffic seen from Hohenzollern Bridge with tour boat & barge in foreground. Köln, Germany
Aachen, Germany Mosaic ceiling with Christ enthroned, symbols of the four Evangelists & Elders from Apocalypse of John offering their crowns to Christ under dome of Palatine Chapel at Aachen Cathedral. Aachen, Germany Medallion on Cross of Lothair with name & portrait of Carolingian ruler, Lothair II, at Aachen Cathedral Treasury. Aachen, Germany Eisenbrunnen pavilion featuring two sulfurous drinking fountains. Aachen, Germany
Trier, Germany Porta Nigra four story city gate & fortification from ancient Roman times. Trier, Germany 2. Roman ceiling fresco section depicting woman with halo & jewel at Cathedral Museum. Trier, Germany St. Peter's Fountain detail with statues representing cardinal virtues of justice & courage under geese & putti riding dolphins in Hauptmarkt. Trier, Germany
Mosel (aka Moselle) River Hotels & other buildings lining Mosel River. Cochem, Germany Poem about wine on side of building. Bernkastel-Kues, Germany Dutch style stepped roofline on Mönchhof building. Ürzig, Germany
Rhine River - Mainz to Koblenz Mouse Tower customs collection tower on island at Bingen am Rhein on Rhine River. Bingen, Germany Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, toll castle on the Falkenau island, aka Pfalz Island, in the Rhine River. Kaub, Germany Working barge on Rhine River traveling past The Loreley. Loreley, Germany
Bacharach - Quaint stop on Rhine St. Peter's Church late Romanesque & early French Gothic style. Bacharach, Germany Monschau - town near Belgian border Houses along Rur River. Monschau, Germany
München (Munich), Germany The Horse Tamer bronze sculpture by Herrmann Hahn damaged in WW II beside Alte Pinakothek. Munich, Germany Glyptothek museum of Greek & Roman sculptures from collection of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Munich, Germany Leather easy chair model Elda by Joe Colombo for Comfort, Meda of Milan, Italy at Pinakothek der Moderne. Munich, Germany
Baltic & North Sea Northern Germany: Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig, Lübeck, Rostock, Greifswald, Etc. Simpler outer defensive facade of Holsten Gate. Lübeck, Germany Town Musicians of Bremen sculpture by Gerhard Marcks, a symbol of the city, which relates story by Brothers Grimm about four animals who scared away robbers & found a new life. Bremen, Germany Nydam ship rowing-galley which predates Viking ships at Schleswig Holstein State Museum at Gottorf Palace. Schleswig, Germany

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