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Baden-Württemberg is in the southwest corner of Germany bordering France, Switzerland and the state of Bavaria. This German state is known for its capital Stuttgart and the Black Forest with its scenery and traditional villages.

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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Rathaus clock tower & chimes. Stuttgart, Germany New wing of Staatsgalerie housing 20thC art. Stuttgart, Germany Mercedes Simpley touring car at Mercedes Museum. Stuttgart, Germany
Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg Ancient buildings along Neckar River. Tübingen, Germany Decorative details & functioning astronomical clock by Johann Stöfler on Rathaus. Tübingen, Germany Painted building on Neckargasse 2, a major shopping street. Tübingen, Germany
Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg Alte Brücke over Neckar River with Heidelberg Castle in background. Heidelberg, Germany Friedrich Wing of Heidelberg Castle with statues of ancestors of Friedrich IV. Heidelberg, Germany View of Heidelberg spread along banks of Neckar River from Königstuhl Hill. Heidelberg, Germany
Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg Altensteig town in Calw district in Black Forest. Altensteig, Germany Maulbronn town in Baden-Württemberg built around the ancient Cistercian Abbey of the same name. Maulbronn, Germany Worshippers in traditional dress gathering outside Sankt Peter church after Mass. Sankt Peter, Germany
Hohenzollern Castle, Baden-Württemberg (1850-67) Hohenzollern Castle on hilltop , built as family memorial. Germany Towers & spires of Hohenzollern Castle. Germany Surrounding countryside viewed from Hohenzollern Castle. Germany
Blaubeuren Abbey (founded 1085) Blaubeuren Abbey with many changes over the centuries. Blaubeuren, Germany Half-timbered building with tiled slopped roof & dormer windows at Blaubeuren Abbey. Blaubeuren, Germany Ceiling with hexagonal supports at Blaubeuren Abbey. Blaubeuren, Germany
Bebenhausen Abbey (12thC) Half-timbered dormer & formal gardens of Bebenhausen Abbey. Germany Carved stone Gothic fountain at Bebenhausen Abbey. Germany Pulpit in Bebenhausen Abbey church. Germany
Sts Peter & Paul Cloister, Obermarchtal (1686) Sts. Peter & Paul cloister church. Obermarchtal, Germany Organ with baroque ornamentation at Sts. Peter & Paul cloister church. Obermarchtal, Germany Baroque framing of windows on Cloister building. Obermarchtal, Germany
Steinhausen Pilgrimage Church (1728-33) Steinhausen Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter & Paul baroque exterior. Steinhausen, Germany Steinhausen Pilgrimage Church pulpit & canopy. Steinhausen, Germany Steinhausen Pilgrimage Church ceiling mural, Allegory of America, by Johann Baptist Zimmermann. Steinhausen, Germany
Zwiefalten Abbey (1739-53) Zwiefalten Abbey church, part of former Benedictine monastery, adorned with statues. Zwiefalten, Germany Ceiling fresco by Franz Joseph Spiegler depicting stream of light from Virgin Mary reaching St. Benedict of Nursia in Zwiefalten Abbey church. Zwiefalten, Germany Detail of plasterwork of Nebuchadnezzar battling King Zedekiah of Judah with putti and Lion of Judah holding swords in Zwiefalten Abbey church. Zwiefalten, Germany
Bad Schussenried Abbey (founded 1183, Baroque 1748) Bad Schussenried Abbey buildings. Bad Schussenried, Germany St Magnus Abbey Church interior (remodeled Baroque style ). Bad Schussenried, Germany Detail from ceiling frescoes in abbey library. Bad Schussenried, Germany

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