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The Romantic Road is a Bavarian tourist route which runs from Würzburg in the north till the intersecting Alpine Road in the south. Major stop along the way include Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Augsburg & Füssen, but many of the small villages are worth a stop.

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Würzburg, Bavaria Fortress Marienberg on left bank of Main River, a fort since ancient times & residence of the local Prince-Bishops for nearly five centuries, now houses two museums. Würzburg, Germany Hofkirche at Residenz with pink veined marble columns & ornate decorative work by Balthazar Neumann. Würzburg, Germany Neumunster Collegiate Church , baroque west façade by Josef Greising. Würzburg, Germany
Bad Mergentheim, Bavaria Festive crowd gathering in front of local church. Bad Mergentheim, Germany Band playing on festive occasion. Bad Mergentheim, Germany Coat of Arms over entrance to Castle of Teutonic Order. Bad Mergentheim, Germany
Weikersheim, Baden-Wrttemberg Weikersheim Palace entrance from town square. Weikersheim, Germany Weikersheim Palace & gardens. Weikersheim, Germany Statues of knights next to fireplace in Knights' Hall at Weikersheim Palace. Weikersheim, Germany
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria Siebers Turm & Koblzeller Turm. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany Market Square seen from city hall tower. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany Antique bus decorated for town's Christmas Market. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria Wagon & pair of horses carrying visitors through historic center. Dinkelsbühl, Germany Gustav-Adolf historic building occupied briefly in 1632 by Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus during Thirty Years War in historic town center. Dinkelsbühl, Germany Plush bears in a basket in Bavarian costume in shop window. Dinkelsbühl, Germany
Nördlingen, Bavaria Winter'sches Haus. Nördlingen, Germany Cascading flowers & wall with ornamental carvings in historic center. Nördlingen, Germany Bavarian Railway Museum located in the old locomotive sheds at Nördlingen station. Nördlingen, Germany
Neresheim Abbey (1747-92) Neresheim Abbey last work of Balthasar Neumann. Germany Interior of Neresheim Abbey Church. Germany Fresco in the main dome of Neresheim Abbey Church, one of the seven Life of Christ series by Martin Knoller. Germany
Donauwörth, Bavaria Rathaus & gabled buildings on Reichstrasse. Donauwörth, Germany Streetscape with fountain topped by eagle. Donauwörth, Germany Stained glass manger scene in Minster of our Lady Church. Donauwörth, Germany
Augsburg, Bavaria Goldener Saal in Augsburg Rathaus. Augsburg, Germany Street within walls of Fuggerei. Augsburg, Germany Serving dish made as gift for Russian Tsar by goldsmith Jakob II Plank from Augsburg at Maximilian Museum. Augsburg, Germany
Landsberg am Lech, Holy Cross Church (1752-56) Medieval Schönerturm built into old town wall on main square. Landsberg am Lech, Germany Interior of Holy Cross Church. Landsberg am Lech, Germany Finding of the Cross by Empress Helena ceiling mural at Holy Cross Church by Christoph Thomas Scheffler. Landsberg am Lech, Germany
Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church, Steingaden (1746-54) Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church. Steingaden, Germany Baroque altar of St Peter in Chains at Wieskirche. Steingaden, Germany Baroque ceiling detail of throne at Wieskirche. Steingaden, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau Neuschwanstein Castle on a rugged cliff near Füssen. Füssen, Germany Hohenschwangau Castle built by King Maximilian II of Bavaria & childhood home of Louis II, aka "mad king Ludwig" of Bavaria who often spent time there as an adult. Füssen, Germany St Coloman baroque church in Schwangau in pastoral setting with Alps in background. Füssen, Germany
Füssen, Germany Finial atop clock tower of Basilica St Mang. Füssen, Germany Holy Spirit Hospital Church , built as part of medieval hospital. Füssen, Germany Ornate facade of Stadt-Apotheke on Reichenstrasse 12. Füssen, Germany

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