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Franconia in Bavaria is a cultural region circling its three largest cities: Nuremberg, Würzburg, and Bamberg. Other important tourist sites include Bayreuth, Coberg, plus villages with important churches. One scenic hilly region of note is called Franconian Switzerland.

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Nuremberg, Bavaria (aka Nürnberg, Bayern) Heritage structure over Pegnitz River. Nuremberg, Germany Detail of lizard face on Marriage Carousel sculpture fountain located near White Tower. Nuremberg, Germany Death on Horseback stained glass by Albrecht Dürer & Veit Hirsvogel elder at Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Nuremberg, Germany
Bamberg, Germany Bamberg Old Town Hall as remodeled. Bamberg, Germany Romanesque entrance with carving of Madonna & Child with Three Kings at Bamberg Cathedral. Bamberg, Germany Sculpted Roman centurion partial head inspired by Pompeii by Igor Mitoraj on bank of Regnitz River. Bamberg, Germany
Coburg, Germany Stadthaus late Renaissance building housed ducal state administration on market square. Coburg, Germany Carriage entrance facade at Ehrenburg Palace. Coburg, Germany Coburg Castle is one of best preserved Medieval Castles in Germany. Coburg, Germany
Bayreuth, Germany Bayreuth Festival Theatre. Bayreuth, Germany Figures atop Margravial Opera House. Bayreuth, Germany Old Castle with tower of Castle church beyond. Bayreuth, Germany
Schloss Fantaisie, Bayreuth Wrought iron gate at Schloss Fantaisie. Bayreuth, Germany Rear facade of Schloss Fantaisie. Bayreuth, Germany Neptune Fountains at Schloss Fantaisie. Bayreuth, Germany
Other Franconian Sites Clocktower & half-timbered buildings. Kronach, Germany Effeltrich fortified church. Effeltrich, Germany Tüchersfeld house sit among rock formations formed by reef during Jurassic era. Tüchersfeld, Germany
Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica , Franconia (1730-9) Baroque by Balthasar Neumann Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica of Holy Trinity. Gößweinstein, Germany Overview of Baroque ceiling with holy trinity surrounded by saints in heaven at Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica. Gößweinstein, Germany Baroque ceiling painting of God with Evangelists surrounded by angels at Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica. Gößweinstein, Germany
Basilica of 14-Saints (Vierzehnheiligen), Franconia (1743-72) Baroque by Balthasar Neumann 14-Saints Basilica. Bad Staffelstein, Germany Main altar of 14-Saints Basilica. Bad Staffelstein, Germany Statue of St. Denis martyred bishop at 14-Saints Basilica. Bad Staffelstein, Germany
Augsburg, Germany Goldener Saal in Augsburg Rathaus. Augsburg, Germany Street within walls of Fuggerei. Augsburg, Germany Serving dish made as gift for Russian Tsar by goldsmith Jakob II Plank from Augsburg at Maximilian Museum. Augsburg, Germany

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