How to License Photos.
Travel Photo Base's image collection is available for free viewing.
Any other use requires a license, for which no fees are charged. Anyone wishing a license should send an email to see if the image is available to license. SOME IMAGES ARE NEVER LICENSED, INCLUDING ALL PHOTOS TAKEN INSIDE MUSEUMS. For museum images we ask you contact the museum directly.

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Details for obtaining photo licenses.
Photo licenses for print publication.
How to submit a request for a license.
Photo rights covered by license.
Terms & conditions.
How to specify photos you want to license.
Print size & resolutions choices.
Time to delivery.
How photos are delivered.
How to save & resize images.
Photo editing permitted.
How to find photos.
What photos are available for licensing.
How to test photos before ordering.
What can be printed for free.
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Photos delivered on CD-ROM.
Slide duplicates.
How to copy & paste Web addresses into an email.
Read about for Web usage.

Travel Photo Base is a non-commercial, journalistic website and we do not charge fees for licenses.
However, a licence is required for any use.
Whether a license is granted and the terms and conditions of each license are determined on a project by project basis. To qualify for a donation of a license
  • The applicant must be a publisher of news or educational material and the project must be a printed book, magazine, newspaper, or academic article.
  • The image may not be used on the Internet or otherwise online unless it is in contained in a pdf or ebook which is identical to the published print version as licensed.
  • The image must be one which is not under an embargo (all photos taken inside any museum are embargoed as are several other categories). To get a specific determination, please email.
  • The project must not be for any commercial product, no posters, postcards, souvenirs, T-Shirts, promotion of travel companies, etc.
  • The licensee must give credit "Photo donated by Jim Steinhart of". in near proximity to the image.
  • We have the right to turn down the donation of a license for any reason.

    By using an image either in print or online, without our written license you are agreeing to paying a $1,000 fee for the interim unauthorized usage and then to remove the image.

    How to submit a request for a license.
    Send us an email at providing the following:
  • Web address(es) of the photo(s) you wish to license: [How to specify.]
  • Company address (how license should read):
  • Contact person, phone, email:
  • Publication or project name, brief description & where photos will be used.
  • Confirm photographer & will be credited:
  • Deadline date the photo is needed:
  • Approximate intended print size (for resolution verification):
  • Special requests:
  • Confirm that you agree to abide by terms as listed under the two following sections.

    We will respond to your email as to availability & if you qualify, terms and condition which you will need to confirm before we upload the full-size jpgs to you.

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    Photo license covers.
  • The license covers usage for one project (e.g. one book title, magazine issue, article, etc.) plus reprints or new editions of that project.
  • Within the project, the license permits one reproduction in large size, plus use as a decorative thumbnails (at most 50% of the large size) within the same project, i.e. in a table of contents or in advertising which promotes the project (e.g. reproducing a book cover).
  • The license allows cropping, minor editing of the photo or conversion to black & white.

    Terms & conditions.
    In using these photos you are agreeing to
  • Limit use to one project per license.
  • Refrain from using photos in ways that misrepresents or degrades any person, organization or industry in the photo.
  • Respect the artistic integrity of photos & the moral rights of the photographer.
  • Not sell or transfer the photo to any other Web site or commercial organization or product.
  • Credit the photographer & in legible type.
  • Use each licensed photo within the agreed time-frame in order to maintain your license.

    How to specify photos you want to license.
  • Please copy & paste the Image Ref: line found under each enlarged photo
    into the body (not the subject line) of the email you are sending for this order.
    An Image ref: reads like DCL110
  • Image refs are unique so the caption is optional.
  • If you send only the caption of a photo, we might send the wrong image because captions may apply to several photos.
  • Please do not attach the actual jpgs.
  • Understand that some photos are embargoed for third party use. In such an instance, we may suggest alternative photos or suggest another source.

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    Print size & resolutions choices.
    Assuming photos are not cropped
  • Hi-res photos run about 2,500 pixels in their long direction. Quality printing at 300 dots/inch (dpi) size will yield an image 8 inches / 20 cm in the longer dimension. At standard 150 dpi, a clear image will be twice as large. Hi-res file downloads range from 2 to 6 Megabytes.
  • Ultra-Hi-res photos run about 5,000 pixels in their long direction. Quality printing at 300 dpi size will yield an image over 16 inches / 40 cm in the longer dimension. At standard 150 dpi, a clear image will be twice as large. Hi-res file downloads range from 10 to 22 Megabytes. There may be a delivery fee to prepare an Ultra-Hi res version of a photo.

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    Time to delivery.
  • We can usually make a decision on the donation of a license and upload photos to you within one working day, if not faster.
  • If we are traveling the world on a photo-shoot, it can take longer. We will email you within a day or two re delivery time.

    How photos are delivered.
  • We post the image on our Web site & then email you the link which allows both you & your print shop to pull photos at your convenience. This can save you the need to retransmit bulky photo files internally or to your printing shop.
  • We deliver images as jpgs.
  • We do not send jpgs as email attachments.

    How to save & resize images.
  • Once the photo is on your screen, right click the image, select the "Save Image As" option & then follow the normal save steps.
  • To resize an image, you or your graphics shop need a program like Adobe Photoshop. In such photo editing software, select the Image menu , then Image Size & change size & dpi.

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    Photo editing permitted.
  • Alterations may not denigrate the subject or cast doubt on the artistry of the photographer.
  • Otherwise you may crop, change to black & white or sepia tones, bleed into backgrounds, use in collages or do anything reasonable for impact or artistic effect. If you have doubts, ask the photographer first.

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    How to find photos.
  • If you seek a particular town or subject within a country or state go to the country index or subject index, select the country or state or subject, & scan the captions or use your Browser's search function (Ctrl+F) to find keywords.
  • If you do not find the photo you need, please email us a description & what you need to accomplish with the image. We have many photos yet to post.

    What photos are available for licensing.
  • Some photos are embargoed for certain purposes. This includes all photos taken within museums which are embargoed for any purpose.
  • If you order a photo with limitations, we will notify you and, if possible, suggest an alternative.
  • Ultra-hi-res version may not be available in all cases.

    How to test photos before ordering.
  • We give you permission to use the low-resolution version, pulled from our website, to mock up a layout design & get approvals before you order.
  • If you want to test a hi-resolution file for suitability in your layout process, please click our sample hi-res photo file. (There is no sample of our ultra-hi-res versions, but it will be twice as large.)

    What can be printed without a license.
  • No photo may be used on any website without permission.
  • For print, no license-free photo use is allowed in any document except for those listed below.
      by Students in term papers or other written projects for classroom use. Click for rules.
      by Teachers in up to 100 classroom handouts per year. Click for rules.
      by Individuals for personal travel memento or planning uses.
  • Those who qualify for free use by virtue of this list, must limit use to the 450 pixel photos taken from

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    How to copy & paste the image reference into an email.
  • First view the full size photo you want in your browser.
  • The image reference you need to copy & paste is below the photo and reads like
  • Highlight the full Image Ref: line.
    (Highlighting means the entire line looks like a negative with a colored background.)
  • Copy the highlighted line into the Windows clipboard. (Use your favorite method of copying or the standard Window's CTRL+C (hold the CTRL key while touching the letter C key. For Mac users use Cmd+C).)
  • Now go to the email you have opened & are composing.
    (To cycle from one open Windows program to the next, you can use the Alt+Tab keystroke. Just hold the Alt key & keep hitting Tab until you arrive at the program you need.)
  • With the cursor at the insertion point in the email, paste the photo address with Ctrl+V (Cmd+V for Mac) keys or your favorite pasting method.
  • Alt+Tab back to your browser & select the next photo to order, Repeat this process till done.

  • All photos are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Permission required to use any photo or caption.
    This page was updated 2015/11/02 to emphasize that the entire website is totally non-commercial and to avoid misunderstandings.