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Who operates the Travel Photo Base website?

This website and the URLs which reach it are operated by Travel Photo Base Inc. (Ontario Corporation Number 2054603) which takes sole responsibility for its content. Copyrights and the right to assign permission for use by clients remain with the photographers.

Who owns the copyrights to photos on Travel Photo Base?

Each photographer retains all copyrights and permits Travel Photo Base to display small versions of these photos. All requests for licensing are passed on to photographers who retain the right to decide if they will grant such a license. Copyrights cover the actual photograph and do not mean to imply that the photographer's copyrights extend to the object pictured in any image. Some images are embargoed from licensing. Images on the website are marked with the copyright symbol & photographer's initials. Thus ©JS is on photos by Jim Steinhart. Removal of this mark is a copyright violation.

Does Travel Photo Base have a privacy policy?

Yes. With one exception, any details about licensing or queries are strictly private. Travel Photo Base Inc. will not reveal to anyone outside the corporation or the relevant associate photographers the nature of any photo query without your permission, unless required by law.

Email addresses and other contact information will not be given to any third party. Such contact data will only be used to interact with Travel Photo Base clients during the photo licensing process, for photo deliveries and any follow-up step.

Incidentally, Travel Photo Base does not use cookies nor place any spyware on your computer.

Does Travel Photo Base exchange links?

At this time, we do not have the resources to put up such links. Other sites are however welcome to point to our subject matter pages. For example, an aviation website might point to our photos of the National Air and Space Museum at

Note: Please do not try to embed our photos directly in your webpages. We do not permit it and have set our server not to serve the photos to external servers.

How do I submit a correction to a caption?

We welcome corrections or additions to our captions. We try to give the proper name for what is pictured, the year the item was created, the artist or architect, styles and other facts about the subject of the photo. If you spot anything we missed, please send it along to . Keep in mind that we must keep captions to a reasonable length.

Does Travel Photo Base accept new contributing photographers?

At this time, getting all photos up from current photographers is the priority. In the future we may invite others photographers to participate.

What is the philosophy behind the Travel Photo Base website?

Travel Photo Base was started by Jim Steinhart as a journalistic website to help people discover and enjoy their world. His objective is to present tourist attractions through visual essays. He realizes that he has been very blessed to have been able to travel the world for over half a century, visiting its many wonders and discovering its beauty. In this upcoming era of fuel shortages and global warming, this privilege will become rarer and rarer. Yet mankind has created many marvelous buildings, artworks, and cultural inventions which give proof of our abilities and hope that we can solve our problems. As his legacy, Steinhart wants to leave behind a snapshot in time of the good things on our planet.

Furthermore, as a working travel journalist, Steinhart wants to return visibility to this most neglected and underrated travel industry. Yes, the big attractions already get publicity, but there are many small gems which deserve attention. Only a massive website like Travel Photo Base can give exposure to the tiny treasures of our world. We want to give people an unbiased way of judging what cities and attractions they might visit. If you like what you see, put the attraction on your "to visit" list. We are not trying to sell you anything. You get what you see. We hope you use Travel Photo Base to make better informed consumer trip decisions.

Travel Photo Base seeks photos which are both clear representations of the object and artistic at the same time. All the images on the website are original, not acquired from other sources. We take great efforts to make this a fast website so we don't keep you waiting. We don't use cookies or any other techniques which impose anything on your computer. We do not and will not impose any advertising on your screen.

The licensing of photos helps support our electronic publication, just as subscriptions support magazines in doing their work. However, we do not consider ourselves a commercial operation and licensing is not our primary objective. (Note that many newspaper websites license their photos and are not considered commercial, and we hope to be judged by the same standards.)

We allow students and teachers to use our photos free for educational purposes. [Students / teachers click here for rules.] After all, it is the youth of the world who are the main target for this visual trip of discovery.

Can I get instructions on how to navigation through the Travel Photo Base website efficiently?

Yes. Click here.

All photos are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Permission required to use any photo or caption.