Licensing Photos for Websites.
Travel Photo Base's image collection is available for free viewing.
Travel Photo Base prohibits all its images from being displayed by the servers of other websites with the exception of some images also licensed for print purposes. To get more details please see our main page on How to License images.

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What is allowed regarding the use of Travel Photo Base Images in other websites.
  • No Travel Photo Base image may be moved to another server for display within another website. This prohibition includes social media websites. Doing so without permission is a violation of copyright and action will be taken and fines may be sought.
  • No TPB jpg may be linked directly into a page on another website. (In fact it will not work.)
  • What is allowed is that any website may link to any HTM page on the TPB website and serve up both the HTM page and the images it contains. The HTM and the JPGs served must come directly from the TPB server. There is no license required and no fees need be paid. The HTM page may either be displayed in its own window or framed within pages of the other website.
  • For classroom situations, the lecturer may either pull down TPB HTM pages live online or use the Save-As feature in the web browser to later display TPB pages off-line. All we ask is that, since we update pages from time to time, that you update what you have saved.
  • The only time a jpg image may be licensed for use on another website is when the image has been licensed for a print project, which also results in a pdf or ebook which is identical to the print version.
  • Keep in mind that as a journalistic website showing visual essays and visual travel guides of many places and topic, the order of our photo arrangements is part of our copyright, we do not give permission to display our images out of context.

  • All photos are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Permission required to use any photo or caption.
    This page was updated 2015/11/02 to emphasize that the entire website is totally non-commercial and to avoid misunderstandings.