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Ulm, located at the point where two rivers join the Danube River on the border with Bavaria, was founded around 850, and over the centuries became a city of traders and craftsmen. Ulm Münster is well known for having the highest steeple in the world. Of note are Ulm's brick city wall, the Blau River residential area, and the Rathaus (town hall) as well as the Museum of Bread & Art and the Ulmer Museum. Although much of the medieval city was destroyed by bombing in 1944, some historic landmarks have been restored. Other parts of the historic center now contain striking modern architecture.

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Ulm Münster Ulm Münster spires. Ulm, Germany Tall & narrow nave & sharply pointed arches of interior of Ulm Münster. Ulm, Germany Pulpit of Ulm Münster. Ulm, Germany
Ulm Rathaus Ulm Rathaus murals on facade. Ulm, Germany Justice of King Soloman scene painted on Ulm Rathaus. Ulm, Germany Figure of knight holding shield on facade of Ulm Rathaus. Ulm, Germany
Ulm Schwörhaus Schwörhaus where town council annually swore their oaths. Ulm, Germany German Post WW II refugee objects like dress made from flour sacks or shoes of straw plus coal & emergency stoves at Schwörhaus museum. Ulm, Germany Post WW II German ration cards for wide-range of goods at Schwörhaus museum. Ulm, Germany
Ulm Brick City Walls & Danube River Ulm brick city wall overlooked by Ulm Münster, step gabled building with half-timbered oriel windows & ancient city gate of Metzgerturm. Ulm, Germany Ulm brick city wall with modern sculpture beside gate leading from Danube to Fischergasse. Ulm, Germany Pathway between city walls & Danube River. Ulm, Germany
Blau River Heritage Area, Ulm Metzgerturm city gate through city fortifications. Ulm, Germany Half timbered buildings along narrow Blau River. Ulm, Germany Sign for Zunfthaus with miniature canal boat on half-timbered building near Blau river. Ulm, Germany
Ulmer Museum Ulmer Museum buildings lining Marktplatz with historical mural. Ulm, Germany Ivory horse figure at Ulmer Museum. Ulm, Germany Portrait of Ursula Greck by Bartholomäus Dauher from Ulm at Ulmer Museum. Ulm, Germany
Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Ulm Kunsthalle Weishaupt located in the core of Ulm, houses a private collection of modern art along with rotating special exhibitions. Ulm, Germany Corridor lit by large windows within Kunsthalle Weishaupt. Ulm, Germany View of Ulm Cathedral spires through windows of Kunsthalle Weishaupt. Ulm, Germany
Danube Schwabian Museum, Ulm Danube Schwabian Museum, in former Ulm Federal Fortress, features history of German population which lived 18thC to post WWII in Central Europe. Ulm, Germany The Reapers painting by Emil Lenhardt of Romania at Danube Schwabian Museum. Ulm, Germany Hungarian painted wedding chest at Danube Schwabian Museum. Ulm, Germany
Museum Of Bread & Art, Ulm Egyptian relief depicting man sacrificing bull & people carrying baskets of bread at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany Breaking of bread at Last Supper oil on wood panel painting by Westphalian Master at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany Hunger! painting depicting Dutch women demonstrating during the Depression by Harmen Meurs at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany
Ulm Sparrows Ulm sparrow street art called Ladybug Sparrow painted in red & black. Ulm, Germany Ulm sparrow street art painted with flags of Europe called World Sparrow. Ulm, Germany Ulm sparrow street art carrying room for rent sign. Ulm, Germany
Kloster Wiblingen, Ulm Entrance to Kloster Wiblingen with its flattened domes. Ulm, Germany Interior of abbey church at Kloster Wiblingen. Ulm, Germany Ceiling fresco depicting Benedictines proselytizing foreign peoples in library of Kloster Wiblingen. Ulm, Germany
Liebfrauenkirche, Günzburg, Germany Liebfrauenkirche. Günzburg, Germany Rococo interior of Liebfrauenkirche. Günzburg, Germany Asia detail of ceiling mural at Liebfrauenkirche. Günzburg, Germany
Memmingen, Germany Ulmer Tor with painting depicting entry of Roman-German king Maximilian I through the gate in 1489. Memmingen, Germany Kreuzherrn monastery tower converted to Baroque style. Memmingen, Germany Fisherman's Fountain at Schrannenplatz celebrates annual Fisher's Festival. Memmingen, Germany
Ottobeuren Benedictine Abbey Ottobeuren Benedictine Abbey considered highlight of Bavarian late baroque style. Ottobeuren, Germany Baroque altar at Ottobeuren Abbey. Ottobeuren, Germany Ceiling fresco featuring Ottobeuren building at Ottobeuren Abbey. Ottobeuren, Germany
Dillingen, Germany Middle city gate & tower with statue over arch of St Joseph carrying Jesus by Stephan Luidl. Dillingen, Germany Dillingen streetscape looking towards Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul. Dillingen, Germany Dillingen City Hall. Dillingen, Germany
Goldener Sal, Dillingen Baroque details in Goldener Saal at Academy for teacher training. Dillingen, Germany Ceiling painting representing geographic & mathematical sciences in Goldener Saal at Academy for teacher training. Dillingen, Germany Ceiling painting exterior of buildings of Academy for teacher training in Goldener Saal. Dillingen, Germany

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