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Hamburg, Germany is the largest port in Germany endowed with many museums and cultural treasure.

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Hamburg Fine Arts Museum Original building at top of modern staircase at Hamburg Fine Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany Self portrait with Brown Collar by Philipp Otto Runge at Hamburg Fine Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany Wanderer Overlooking Sea of Fog painting by Caspar David Friedrich at Hamburg Fine Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Decorative Arts Museum Hamburg Decorative Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany Breast ornament with fish, opal & cameo with sea maidens by René Lalique at Hamburg Decorative Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany AEG Electric copper water kettle with stand by Peter Behrens at Hamburg Decorative Arts Museum. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg History Museum Hamburg History Museum tower. Hamburg, Germany Glazed terracotta fragment of the tomb of Pope Benedict V at Hamburg History Museum. Hamburg, Germany Replica of Colonial Goods Shop which sold products such as coffee, tea, sugar, spices & cotton at Hamburg History Museum. Hamburg, Germany
International Maritime Museum, Hamburg International Maritime Museum building opened with renovated interior as private museum housing the collection of Peter Tamm. Hamburg, Germany Poster for steamship service on Norddeutscher Lloyd line, Bremen at International Maritime Museum. Hamburg, Germany Model of Nazi aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" at International Maritime Museum. Hamburg, Germany
Emigration Museum BallinStadt, Hamburg Emigration Museum BallinStadt building part of an emigration station from 1850 until early 1930's for those waiting to depart to the Americas. Hamburg, Germany Illustration of Jewish immigrants being met by family at Emigration Museum BallinStadt. Hamburg, Germany Booklets to entice emigrants to Canadian prairies at Emigration Museum BallinStadt. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Skylines Hamburg skyline across the Aussenalster Lake punctuated by the city's five spires. Hamburg, Germany Lake Alster market & Hamburg City Hall tower. Hamburg, Germany Fountain in Binnenalster Lake with Germany's oldest steamboat, St. Georg, providing a tourist cruise. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg City Hall (1886-97) Hamburg City Hall with mosaic of Hammonia, Hamburg's Patron Goddess & city's coat-of-arms above entrance. Hamburg, Germany City Hall spire & sailing ship atop flagpole representing city's maritime history. Hamburg, Germany Statues of early rulers, Konrad II, Ludwig D. Deutsche, at Hamburg City Hall. Hamburg, Germany
Kleiner Alster Lakefront, Hamburg Heritage canal boat docked on Kleiner Alster canal with Venetian-style arcade on opposite shore. Hamburg, Germany Bucher & Hamburger Hof buildings on Jungfernstieg. Hamburg, Germany Fairmont Hotel overlooking Lake Alster. Hamburg, Germany
Speicherstadt (Warehouse / Canal District), Hamburg Older & modern buildings lining canal. Hamburg, Germany Bridge crossing Alsterfleet waterway lined with buildings. Hamburg, Germany Bridge across Alsterfleet in canal district. Hamburg, Germany
St. Michael's Lutheran church (1762) St. Michael's Church & reconstructed 1912 after fire & again post WWII). Hamburg, Germany Angel of Annunciation crowning baroque pulpit by Otto Lessing at St. Michael's Church. Hamburg, Germany Resurrection of Christ with two Roman soldiers sleeping by his tomb mosaic by Ernst Pfannschmidt at St. Michael's Church. Hamburg, Germany
St. Peter's Lutheran Church (12thC) Tower of St. Peter's Church. Hamburg, Germany Bronze lion head door pull on entrance to St. Peter's Church. Hamburg, Germany Carved wooden pulpit with marble statues of the Evangelists in St. Peter's Church. Hamburg, Germany
St. Mary's Cathedral, Hamburg (1890-3) Domkirche St. Marien first Catholic Church built in Hamburg after the Reformation on Danzigerstraße. Hamburg, Germany Mosaic & stained glass windows by Johannes Schreiter depicting scenes from the life of the Prophet Isaiah in apse of Domkirche St. Marien. Hamburg, Germany Mosaic with inscription reading "Mary is taken up into Heaven" in apse of Domkirche St. Marien. Hamburg, Germany
St. James the Greater Church, Hamburg St. Jacobi Church , ancient church re-built with modern spire after severe damage during WWII. Hamburg, Germany Medieval altar in St. Jacobi Church. Hamburg, Germany Arp Schnitger organ largest Baroque organ in Europe over 34 illustration by Otto Wagenfeldt & Joachim Lundt created to portray the Bible for people who could not read in St. Jacobi Church. Hamburg, Germany
Brick Hanseatic Gothic & Expressionist Architecture Sculpted figures held in zigzag framework with Enigma Variation figure above on Messberghof. Hamburg, Germany Brick corner tower of Hamburg Finance Authority building at Gänsemarkt. Hamburg, Germany Thaliahof office building now apartments on Alstertor. Hamburg, Germany
Chilehaus, Hamburg (1924) Chilehaus major work of brick expressionist architecture in Germany in office district. Hamburg, Germany Eagle sculpture on Chilehaus. Hamburg, Germany Entrance to Chilehaus capped by sculpture of sailing ship. Hamburg, Germany
Brick Expressionist buildings around Chilehaus (1920s-40s) Entrance between archways to unit in brick building at Steinstraße & Mohlenhofstraße. Hamburg, Germany Other Brick Architecture of Hamburg (20thC) Elephant rider figure on DAG House by Ludwig Kunstmann. Hamburg, Germany
Hulbe-Haus, Hamburg (1910-1) Hulbe-Haus with Dutch Renaissance facade & domed circular tower on Mönckebergstraße. Hamburg, Germany Die Zeit Building, Hamburg (1946) "Die Zeit" brick newspaper office on Dom Platz. Hamburg, Germany
Other Hamburg Heritage Buildings Deutsche Bank building with statuary & gold panels at Mönckebergstraße U-Bahn station. Hamburg, Germany Relief on building on Mönckebergstraße. Hamburg, Germany Versmann-Haus carvings of aproned man holding pigs on City Hall Market square. Hamburg, Germany
Theaters in Hamburg German Theater in St. Georg Quarter behind main rail station. Hamburg, Germany Laeiszhalle concert venue on Johannes-Brahms-Platz. Hamburg, Germany Atlas figures supporting overhang at Bieberhaus entrance. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Modern Architecture Emporio building, Valentinskamp 70 at Gänsemarkt. Hamburg, Germany StaatsOper. Hamburg, Germany Commercial building across B4 highway from St. Michael's Church. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Gardens Planten un Blomen park with modern highrises beyond. Hamburg, Germany Plant & flower gardens near Hamburg Messe. Hamburg, Germany Modern suspended pavilion in Planten un Blomen park. Hamburg, Germany
Aussenalster Lake Neighborhood, Hamburg Residential streetscape along Alsterufer street. Hamburg, Germany German Tennis Federation stadium. Hamburg, Germany CURIO-HAUS. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Urban Transport Hamburg U-Bahn rapid transit train elevated rail leaving station. Hamburg, Germany U-Bahn station entrance. Hamburg, Germany Landungsbrücken U-Bahn brick station. Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Rail Stations Central rail station & towers. Hamburg, Germany Train platforms at Central Rail Station. Hamburg, Germany Switching locomotive at Central Rail Station. Hamburg, Germany
Port of Hamburg St. Pauli Pier with buildings along Bernhard-Nocht on hill beyond. Hamburg, Germany Rickmer Rickmers museum sailing ship at sunset. Hamburg, Germany Sightseers climbing to rooftop observation deck at Docklands office building, part of the Altona Cruise Terminal complex. Hamburg, Germany

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