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Köln (Cologne) was settled in 38 BCE by Germanic people with permission of the Roman colonizers, and by 50CE had obtained the status of the residence of the Governor of Lower Germania. Ruins of the Roman occupation are accessible at the Alter Markt (Old Market), and many Roman period artifacts can be found in the Roman Germanic Museum. Köln is known for its massive Cathedral (begun 1248) which was constructed to provide a suitable resting place for the relics of the Magi (Three Kings) donated to the city. Köln has several important museums, and a reconstructed (after WWII) historic core with many small shops and restaurants.

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Köln Cathedral Köln Cathedral & Great St. Martin Church from opposite bank of Rhine River. Köln, Germany Towering spires of Köln Cathedral. Köln, Germany Stained glass windows depicting the Four Doctors of the Church under scene of Virgin Mary at Köln Cathedral. Köln, Germany
Fischmarkt, Köln Colorful restored historic dwellings of Fischmarkt area with tower of Great St. Martin church in background. Köln, Germany Great St. Martin Church. Köln, Germany Restaurants along the Fischmarkt. Köln, Germany
Alter Markt & Old Town Köln Tower of Historic City Hall. Köln, Germany Severinstorburg former city gatehouse. Köln, Germany Stained glass ceiling of Peters Brauhaus near Alter Markt. Köln, Germany
Roman Germanic Museum, Köln Roman Germanic Museum features local artifacts from 1stC to mid-4thC when Köln was the capital of the Roman province known as Lower Germania. Köln, Germany Sepulcher of Lucius Poblicius veteran of the 5th legion at Roman Germanic Museum. Köln, Germany Ancient Roman Vasa Diatreta or cage cup with Greek inscription on rim & outer tracery in colored relief at Roman Germanic Museum. Köln, Germany
Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Köln - Early Religious Art Vera Ikon painting attrib Meister von St. Laurenz in Köln at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany Detail of multi-colored lion representing St. Mark from Sts. Mark, Barbara & Luke painting by Stefan Lochner at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany Coronation of Mary with 24 Elders painting with theme taken from Book of Revelation at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany
Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Köln - Germanic Art Judith with Head of Holofernes painting by Michael Ostendorfer at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany Still Life with Rummer & Lemon painting by Willem Claesz Heda at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany Woman with Red Scarf painting by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany
Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Köln - Modern Art Wallraf-Richartz Museum decorated with names of featured artists. Köln, Germany Self Portrait painting by Max Liebermann at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany Portrait of Giulia Leonardi painting by Ferdinand Hodler at Wallraf-Richartz Museum. Köln, Germany
Ludwig Museum, Köln Ludwig Museum located between Cologne Cathedral & Rhine River, housing a major collection of modern art. Köln, Germany Birth of Comedy painting by Max Ernst at Ludwig Museum. Köln, Germany The Bride painting on wood by Francis Picabia at Ludwig Museum. Köln, Germany
Hohenzollern Bridge Tour boat passing under Hohenzollern rail bridge. Köln, Germany Pedestrians strolling across Hohenzollern Bridge with train crossing and multitude of love locks with Köln Cathedral beyond. Köln, Germany Busy Rhine River traffic seen from Hohenzollern Bridge with tour boat & barge in foreground. Köln, Germany
Köln Central Station Trains waiting under Köln Central Station glass canopy. Köln, Germany Curved track & platform of Köln Central Station. Köln, Germany DB Intercity Express Train crossing Hohenzollern Bridge. Köln, Germany
Zons, Germany Picturesque dwelling on village street. Zons, Germany Judenturm with baroque dome. Zons, Germany Church door with ornate pink hinges & stained glass fan window. Zons, Germany
Wuppertal, Germany Hanging monorail , world's oldest suspended railway for transporting passengers. Wupperthal, Germany Hanging monorail leaving station. Wupperthal, Germany Superstructure from which monorail hangs. Wupperthal, Germany

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