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Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor
Silver-gilt bust of Charlemagne , with precious stones & containing Charlemagne relic at Aachen Cathedral Treasury. Aachen, Germany Shrine of Charlemagne aka Karlsschrein where Charlemagne's remains were interred at Aachen Cathedral. Aachen, Germany Bejeweled talisman worn by Charlemagne in his coffin & later by Empress Josephine now in Tau Palace. Reims, France
Martin Luther - Church Reformer
Portrait of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder at Coburg Castle. Coburg, Germany Martin Luther & Wittenberg Reformers painting by Lucas Cranach the Younger at Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo, OH Martin Luther & supporters plaque by Johannes Gotz on Berlin Cathedral. Berlin, Germany
1700s onward:
Baroque Churches of Germany
Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica of Holy Trinity. Gößweinstein, Germany Overview of Baroque ceiling with holy trinity surrounded by saints in heaven at Gößweinstein pilgrimage basilica. Gößweinstein, Germany Statue of St Denis martyred bishop at 14-Saints Basilica. Bad Staffelstein, Germany
Richard Wagner, Composer
Bronze bust of Richard Wagner by Lorenz Gedon at Alte Nationalgalerie. Berlin, Germany Bayreuth Festival Theatre. Bayreuth, Germany Facade of Wahnfried Haus, Richard Wagner villa. Bayreuth, Germany
World War I Fokker Dr. I triplane WWI fighter at Deutsches Museum. Munich, Germany Propaganda poster to mobilize German workers in armament industry by Alexander M. Cay of Berlin at German Historical Museum. Berlin, Germany Souvenir cigarette tin & iron cross from WWI at German Museum of Technology. Berlin, Germany
German Inflation (1920s) Printing
German inflation railway ticket priced at one billion Marks at Nuremberg Transport Museum. Nuremberg, Germany Inflation era German banknote for one trillion Marks at German Historical Museum. Berlin, Germany Overprinted German postage stamps to keep up with inflation at German Historical Museum. Berlin, Germany
German Post War Shortages (1920S & 1940-50s) Bread ration coupons, valid for 4 weeks , issued by Leipzig at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany Hunger drawing in ink & pencil by George Grosz at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany Contents of Post WW II Care Package at Schwörhaus museum. Ulm, Germany
German Bakeries Brotbrunnen with baker & miller with his millstone on Schranenngasse in town center. Füssen, Germany Shop sign of baker boy balancing on a pretzel at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany Model bakery working area including working table, dough dividing machine & dough kneading machine at Museum of Bread and Art. Ulm, Germany

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