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Trier on the Moselle River is the oldest city in Germany and was the Roman capital (Augusta Treverorum) of the western territories and an imperial residence. Emperor Constantine (1st half of 4thC) built a defensive wall and magnificent buildings, parts of which still survive. Trier is particularly noted for Porta Nigra (2ndC) Roman city gate, Trier Cathedral and adjacent Liebfrauenkirche (13thC church) and its Archeological Museum, one of the most significant in Europe.

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Trier Archaeological Museum Ground floor & courtyard of Trier Archaeological Museum. Trier, Germany Roman cage glass beaker at Trier Archaeological Museum. Trier, Germany Fragment of Roman floor mosaic of bear seeking fruit at Trier Archaeological Museum. Trier, Germany
Porta Nigra, Trier Porta Nigra four story city gate & fortification from ancient Roman times. Trier, Germany Upper arcades & towers on inner side of Porta Nigra. Trier, Germany Top of Porta Nigra tower. Trier, Germany
Trier Cathedral High Cathedral of St. Peter aka Trier Cathedral is oldest church in Germany. Trier, Germany Modern altar table at Trier Cathedral. Trier, Germany Ornately carved pulpit at Trier Cathedral. Trier, Germany
Liebfrauenkirche, Trier Liebfrauenkirche aka Church of Our Lady earliest Gothic church in Germany, adjacent to Trier Cathedral. Trier, Germany Centrally placed altar inside Liebfrauenkirche. Trier, Germany Painted flowers on vaulted ceiling of Liebfrauenkirche. Trier, Germany
Roman Ceiling Frescos, Trier Cathedral Museum Part of set of 15 frescoes found in the ruins of a Roman palace, possibly that of St. Helena, under Trier Cathedral & painstakingly reassembled at Cathedral Museum. Trier, Germany 2. Roman ceiling fresco section depicting woman with halo & jewel at Cathedral Museum. Trier, Germany Corinthian capital at Cathedral Museum. Trier, Germany
Constantine Basilica, Trier Pink Electoral Palace with red brick Constantine Basilica beyond. Trier, Germany Vast interior of Constantine Basilica where the Emperor greeted his subjects. Trier, Germany Red tower which serves as bell tower for Constantine Basilica. Trier, Germany
Kurfürstlicher Palace, Trier Decorative elements on Rococo style wing of Kurfürstlicher Palace. Trier, Germany Detail of Rococo element on south facade of Kurfürstlicher Palace. Trier, Germany Sphinx statue by Ferdinand Tietz in front of south facade of Kurfürstlicher Palace. Trier, Germany
Trier Hauptmarkt & Surrounding Germanic Architecture St. Peter's Fountain detail with statues representing cardinal virtues of justice & courage under geese & putti riding dolphins in Hauptmarkt. Trier, Germany Facades of buildings lining Hauptmarkt. Trier, Germany House of the Three Kings Early Gothic townhouse. Trier, Germany
Trier Fountains & Monuments St. George's Fountain in Rococo style by John Seiz on Kornmarkt. Trier, Germany Water Clock Fountain with animal sculptures marking the hour & representing periods of Trier's history by Karl Jakob Schwalbach beside the Red Tower. Trier, Germany Wrought ironwork Craftsmen's Fountain depicting nine trees in a circle, with, between the branches, 25 representations of craft workers and occupations by Claus Apel. Trier, Germany

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