Later Christian Saints in Art Photos

After Emperor Constantine stopped persecution, being named a saint required a proven miracle. Later saints are indexed here along with their attributes, which help art viewers recognize the saint portrayed.

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St Helena

Attrib. True Cross.
Mother of Emperor Constantine, converted to Christianity while son stopped persecutions. King Constantine & St Helena painting by Cornelis Engebrechtsz at Alte Pinakothek. Munich, Germany Stained glass window dedicated to St Helena in St Mary's Church, Dingle. Dingle, Ireland
St Nicholas

(died c350)
Attrib. anchor, boat, 3 purses of gold.
Patron saint of mariners gave his wealth to the poor. Scenes in life of St Nicholas painting by Ambrogio Lorenzetti at Uffizi Gallery. Florence, Italy Three Legends of St Nicholas painting by Gerard David at National Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh, Scotland
St Zenobius

Attrib. Lilly, flowering tree, Bishop's robes.
Bishop of Florence who raised five people from the dead. St Zenobius Resurrects a dead youth tempera painting by Benozzo Gozzoli at Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY St Zenobius Resurrects a Dead Child detail of Three Miracles painting by Sandro Botticelli at Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY
St Genevieve

Attrib. Keys, Bread, Candle, Herd.
Inspired Parisians to repel attack of Attila the Hun. Saint Geneviève, patron saint of Paris, standing in front of City Hall, as Huns routed from the city at Carnavalet Museum. Paris, France Detail of St Genevieve calming Parisians during pending attack of Attila the Hun in year 451 mural by Jules-Elie Delaunay at Pantheon. Paris, France
St Ursula

Attrib. arrow, ship, surrounded by maidens.
Daughter of Christian king was massacred with her handmaidens in Cologne when she refused to marry a pagan chieftain. Arrival of St Ursula at Cologne tempera painting by Bernardo Daddi at J. Paul Getty Museum Center. Malibu, CA St Ursula with arrow painting by Master of Nothelfer Altar of Nurnberg at Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Nuremberg, Germany
St Margaret Queen of Scotland

Attrib. crown.
Established first ferries across Firth of Forth to bring pilgrims to worship at St Andrews to spread Christianity. Landing of St Margaret at Queens-Ferry mural on balcony of main hall at National Portrait Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh, Scotland Detail of Queen Margaret stained glass window at St Margaret's Chapel. Edinburgh, Scotland
St Isidore

Attrib. Humble farmer with oxen & angels.
Patron saint of farmers from Spain who performed miracles & shared with the poor. St Isidore & his wife by Irene Martinez-Yates on Reredos in Golondrinas Chapel at Rancho de las Golondrinas. Santa Fe, NM Bulto of St Isidore by Alcario Otero in Golondrinas Chapel at Rancho de las Golondrinas. Santa Fe, NM
St Clare

Attrib. Monstrance.
To avoid arranged marriage, she became a nun with St Francis. Bishop of Assisi Giving a Palm to St Clare tempera on oak from Nuremberg, Germany at The Cloisters. New York, NY Death of Saint Clare painting by Master of Heiligenkreuz of Austria at National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC
St Elizabeth of Hungary

Attrib. Loaves of bread changed to roses, crown.
Royal who lived in poverty & cared for the needy. Statue of St Elizabeth of Hungary at Eglise Notre Dame de Pitie & St Elisabeth. Paris, France Apse mural of St Elisabeth of Hungary at Eglise Notre Dame de Pitie & St Elisabeth. Paris, France
St Louis IX

Attrib. Fleur de Lys
Crusader. Just king who personally served lepers, beggars & poor. St Louis, King of France with a Page painting by El Greco at Louvre Museum. Paris, France King Louis IX of France statue details at Saint Louis Art Museum. St. Louis, MO
St Roch

Attrib. points to boil on thigh, dog carrying bread
Cared for plague victims in Italy. St Roch woodcarving by Christian Jorhan the Elder from Landshut at Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Nuremberg, Germany Sculpture with attributes of St Roch at Kellie Castle. Pittenweem, Scotland
St Joan of Arc

Attrib. Young woman in armor
Led liberation of France. Joan of Arc rallying French troops at Orleans mural at Pantheon. Paris, France Joan of Arc at the stake painting by Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard at Rouen Museum of Fine Arts. Rouen, France
St Gabriel

Attrib. Trumpet, wings.
Messenger of God, including Annunciation. Archangel Gabriel detail of Annunciation painting by Simone Martini & Lippo Memmi at Uffizi Gallery. Florence, Italy Detail of Archangel Gabriel of annunciation by Lumen Martin Winter on reredos of lower Catholic chapel of USAF Academy Chapel. Colorado Springs, CO
St Michael

Attrib. Slaying dragon with spear or sword, wings.
Has scales to weigh souls on judgment day. Protector of Christians. Sculpture of St Michael slaying dragon on corner of building on Tiergärtnertorplatz. Nuremberg, Germany Painting of St Michael slaying a devil at San Miguel Mission. Santa Fe, NM

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