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Maritime Museum, San Diego, CA Star of India at Maritime Museum. San Diego, CA.
Aircraft Carrier USS Midway, San Diego, CA Midway aircraft carrier. San Diego, CA.
Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA Queen Mary. Long Beach, CA.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum, San Pedro, CA SLA Maritime Museum. San Pedro, CA.
S.S. Lane Victory, San Pedro, CA Historic Merchant Marine ship S.S. Lane Victory. San Pedro, CA.
Monterey Maritime Museum Ornamental carving from USS Constitution at Maritime Museum. Monterey, CA.
Maritime National Historical Park, San Francisco, CA Three-masted Balclutha at Maritime National Historical Park. San Francisco, CA. Submarine USS Pampanito & armed historical National Memorial Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien. San Francisco, CA.
USS Hornet Museum Ship, Alameda, CA Bow of USS Hornet CV-12. Alameda, CA Island Bridge with Chance Vought F-8 Crusader on deck of USS Hornet CV-12. Alameda, CA
Presidential Yacht USS Potomac, Oakland, CA Bridge section of Presidential Yacht USS Potomac now museum ship at Jack London Square. Oakland, CA
Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, OR Columbia River Maritime Museum. Astoria, OR. Lightship Columbia WLV-604 at Columbia River Maritime Museum. Astoria, OR.
Northwest Seaport of Heritage Ships, Seattle, WA Lightship 83 Swiftsure at Northwest Seaport of Lake Union Park. Seattle, WA.
Seattle Coast Guard Museum, Seattle, WA Coast Guard Museum Northwest at Pier 36. Seattle, WA.
Battleship Texas. San Jacinto, TX Battleship Texas. Houston, TX.
Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington, Corpus Christi, TX USS Lexington. Corpus Christi, TX.
National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg, TX National Museum of the Pacific War building with submarine conning tower in waves of grass & stone. Fredericksburg, TX Nimitz Museum, National Museum of the Pacific War Admiral Chester W. Nimitz sculpture at Admiral Nimitz Museum. Fredericksburg, TX
USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, AL Battleship USS Alabama at Battleship Memorial Park. Mobile, AL. Submarine USS Drum. Mobile, AL.
Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New York, NY Lockheed A-12 Blackbird & Bell UH-1A Huey at Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. New York, NY. Regulus 1 cruise missile on Submarine Growler. New York, NY.
South Street Seaport Museum, New York, NY Wavertree at South Street Seaport Museum. New York, NY. Scrimshawed whale's tooth at South Street Seaport Museum. New York, NY.
Buffalo & Erie County Naval Military Park, Buffalo, NY USS Croaker submarine SSK-246 at Buffalo Naval Military Park. Buffalo, NY.
USS Constitution Rigging of USS Constitution still a commissioned US Navy ship at Charlestown Navy Yard. Boston, MA Ship's wheel of USS Constitution USS Cassin Young at Charlestown Navy Yard. Boston, MA
USS Constitution Museum USS Constitution painting (1863) by W.P.W. Dana at USS Constitution Museum. Boston, MA Pitcher (1815-25) of USS Constitution by Herculaneum Pottery at USS Constitution Museum. Boston, MA
USS Cassin Young Destroyer USS Cassin Young Destroyer at Charlestown Navy Yard. Boston, MA
Battleship Cove Maritime Museum, Fall River, MA 16" guns of Battleship Massachusetts. Fall River, MA Charles S Braga Bridge above destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. at Battleship Cove. Fall River, MA Aft protective structure of Submarine Lionfish at Battleship Cove. Fall River, MA
Battleship Cove Maritime Museum - Patrol Torpedo Boat Collection, Fall River, MA PT796 Patrol Torpedo Boat by Higgins Industries of Louisiana at Battleship Cove. Fall River, MA Stern of PT617 at Battleship Cove. Fall River, MA
Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT Joseph Conrad training ship at Mystic Seaport. Mystic, CT Sabino steamboat from Maine at Mystic Seaport. Mystic, CT
USS Nautilus Museum, Groton, CT USS Nautilus world's first nuclear-powered submarine at Submarine Force Museum. Groton, CT
U.S. Coast Guard Museum, New London, CT Eagle figurehead built in Hamburg, Germany for a German training ship & later taken as war reparations to become the USCGC Eagle at U.S. Coast Guard Museum. New London, CT
Connecticut River Museum, Essex, CT Model of Bushnell's Turtle, world's first operational combat submarine to attack British ships in New York Harbor at Connecticut River Museum. Essex, CT
Steamboat Ticonderoga, Shelburne Museum, VT Steamboat Ticonderoga used on Lake Champlain at Shelburne Museum. Shelburne, VT
Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA & Battleship, NJ Cruiser Olympia flagship of Commodore George Dewey during Spanish American War Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. Philadelphia, PA. Battleship USS New Jersey. Camden, PA.
Baltimore Maritime Museum with USS Constellation, U.S. Civil War ship, Baltimore, MD
USS Constellation. Baltimore, MD. USCGC Taney survived Pearl Harbor attack. Baltimore, MD.
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD Painting of USS Maine in Havana Bay at Naval Academy Museum. Annapolis, MD. Plate commemorating Admiral George Dewey. Annapolis, MD.
Battleship Wisconsin, Norfolk, VA Battleship Wisconsin. Norfolk, VA. Battleship Wisconsin. Norfolk, VA.
Hampton Roads Naval Museum, Norfolk, VA Indian head carving from Civil-War era U.S. Steam Sloop Pawnee at Hampton Roads Naval Museum. Norfolk, VA. Navy recruiting poster at Hampton Roads Naval Museum. Norfolk, VA.
Norfolk Naval Base Harbor Tours, VA USS Boxer Wasp-class amphibious assault ship at Naval Station Norfolk. Norfolk, VA. Cranes in Norfolk Harbor. Norfolk, VA.
Nauticus National Maritime Center, Norfolk, VA Battleship Wisconsin & Nauticus. Norfolk, VA. Bow ornament of USS New York from Hampton Roads Naval Museum at Nauticus. Norfolk, VA.
Jamestown Settlement, VA replicas of Godspeed, Discovery, & Susan Constant Susan Constant replica at Jamestown Settlement. Jamestown, VA. Godspeed at Jamestown Settlement. Jamestown, VA.
USS Cairo Museum at Vicksburg, MS National Military Park Union Ironclad sunk 1862 at USS Cairo Museum. Vicksburg, MS. Bottles & pans recovered from USS Cairo. Vicksburg, MS.
Vicksburg Battlefield Museum Painting of CSS Arkansas on Yazoo River at Vicksburg Battlefield Museum. Vicksburg, MS.
Pearl Harbor Memorial NHP & Battleship USS Arizona Memorial, HI USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
Battleship Missouri Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI Battleship USS Missouri
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, Pearl Harbor, HI USS Bowfin submarine at USS Bowfin Submarine Museum in Pearl Harbor
Vancouver Maritime Museum, BC RCMP St. Roch at Vancouver Maritime Museum. Vancouver, BC. Figurehead from ship Steady at Vancouver Maritime Museum. Vancouver, BC.
Willis B. Boyer Lake Freighter Museum, Toledo, OH Willis B. Boyer lake freighter museum ship. Toledo, OH. Steamship William G. Mather museum. Cleveland, OH Lake freighter Steamship William G. Mather now a ship museum. Cleveland, OH

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