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Set on the coast surrounded by mountains of the U.S. Northwest, Seattle got its economic start selling goods to those rushing north to prospect for gold. The resulting heritage buildings are now complemented by the modern skyscrapers of those mining today's intellectual industries. Over 565 original photos provide a visual travel guide to Seattle.

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Seattle Modern Architecture & Skylines View up 2nd Ave. with Henry M. Jackson; Seattle Art Museum; domed Second & Seneca; Space Needle, & 1000 Second Ave. buildings from Smith Tower. Seattle, WA Columbia Center & Seattle Municipal Tower from Smith Tower observation deck. Seattle, WA US Bank Centre [aka City Centre]. Seattle, WA
Seattle City Hall Seattle City Hall. Seattle, WA Plaza of Seattle City Hall from ground level. Seattle, WA
Seattle Public Library Central Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WA Window wall structures of Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WA
Seattle Waterfront Seattle waterfront seen from Columbia Center Sky View. Seattle, WA Ferry Tacoma on Elliott Bay. Seattle, WA Miners Landing details. Seattle, WA
Seattle Aquarium Blown glass Puget Sound Forms by Dale Chihuly at Seattle Aquarium. Seattle, WA Orangespine Unicornfish at Seattle Aquarium. Seattle, WA Sea Otter at Seattle Aquarium. Seattle, WA
Pioneer Square Heritage District Pioneer Building. Seattle, WA Lion on corner entrance of Interurban Building. Seattle, WA Historic west side of 100 block of 1st Ave. S. with Maynard Building ; Northern Hotel by Charles W. Saunders; Schwabacher plus Yesler Buildings both by Elmer Fisher. Seattle, WA
Klondike National Historic Site Klondike Mercantile store of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Seattle, WA Sample of one year's supplies prospectors were required to take to take to Klondike Gold Rush arrayed at National Historical Park. Seattle, WA
Smith Tower Smith Tower & Columbia Center. Seattle, WA Carved Indian head sculpture in lobby of Smith Tower. Seattle, WA
Seattle Rail Stations Seattle King Street Station. Seattle, WA Union Station. Seattle, WA
Seattle Heritage Architecture Seaboard Building angled corner & decorative details. Seattle, WA Detail of sculpted Indian on Cobb Building. Seattle, WA St. James Cathedral. Seattle, WA
Pikes Place Market & District Information canopy at northern end of Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA Neon fish sign in Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA Sunflowers in Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA
Seattle Center Pacific Science Center & Key Arena seen from downtown Seattle. Seattle, WA Details of Olympic Iliad by Alexander Lieberman. Seattle, WA Seattle Center - Center House entrance with sculpted eagles. Seattle, WA
Space Needle Space Needle. Seattle, WA Space Needle with interim deck addition. Seattle, WA
Pacific Science Center Pacific Science Center seen from Space Needle. Seattle, WA Pacific Science Center lacework structure with Space Needle. Seattle, WA
Seattle Monorail Seattle Center Monorail passes through Science Fiction Museum building. Seattle, WA Alweg Monorail sits in downtown Seattle Westlake Center station. Seattle, WA
Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum Outside wall of Sky Church section of EMP|FSM. Seattle, WA Red section of EMP|FSM with green & blue screens from above. Seattle, WA
Seattle Center Area Downtown plus Qwest & Safeco sports facilities seen from Space Needle. Seattle, WA Queen Anne High School north of Space Needle. Seattle, WA KOMO News in Fisher Plaza East. Seattle, WA
Olympic Sculpture Park Alexander Calder's Eagle stabile at Olympic Sculpture Park frames nearby Space Needle. Seattle, WA Paccar Pavilion at Olympic Sculpture Park. Seattle, WA
Historic photos of Seattle World's Fair (1962) Washington State Coliseum , Space Needle, fountain & atomic-shaped lights at Century 21 Exposition. Seattle, WA Gull-wing bubble doors of General Motors Firebird III at World of Tomorrow in Washington State Coliseum at Century 21 Exposition. Seattle, WA Model of Nimbus satellite in Federal Science Pavilion at Century 21 Exposition. Seattle, WA
Lake Union, Lake Washington & Seattle Ranges Historic Ship Wharf of Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center & Seattle Armory in Lake Union Park seen from Space Needle. Seattle, WA Evergreen Point floating bridge across Lake Washington. Seattle, WA
Northwest Seaport of Heritage Ships Lightship 83 Swiftsure retains original steam engines at Northwest Seaport of Lake Union Park. Seattle, WA Prow of lumber ship Wawona later used for fishing then for hauling lumber to Boeing during WW II at Northwest Seaport. Seattle, WA
Seattle Coast Guard Museum Coast Guard Museum Northwest at Pier 36 with anchor, bell & buoy. Seattle, WA Congressional Medal of Honor awarded Coastguardsman Douglas Albert Munro in WW II at Coast Guard Museum Northwest. Seattle, WA
University of Washington Suzzallo Library on University of Washington campus. Seattle, WA Electrical Engineering building on University of Washington campus. Seattle, WA Skylight of underground Foster Business Library & Bank of America Center at University of Washington. Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum Hammering Man sculpture before Seattle Art Museum & its 12 floor office tower. Seattle, WA Woman giving birth wooden first nations mask by Mungo Martin of Fort Rupert at Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, WA Marble portrait head of Emperor Claudius at Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, WA
Seattle Asian Art Museum Seattle Asian Art Museum. Seattle, WA Art Deco entrance hall within Seattle Asian Art Museum. Seattle, WA
Qwest Field & Safeco Field Qwest & Safeco Fields sports complexes from above. Seattle, WA
Museum of Flight DC3 hangs in Museum of Flight. Seattle, WA

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