U.S. State Capital & Capitol Photos

This index lists our photo essays of USA state capitol buildings by capital city with year of construction & architects responsible. These extensive original images show both external & internal details & decorations. Some no-longer used state capitols are also featured, if the previous historic structure is still standing (see column two below).

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Capital City, year, architectsCurrentFormer
Washington, District of Columbia

(1793 through 1863) by various architects including William Thornton, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Bulfinch, Thomas Ustick Walter, Frederick Law Olmsted
Federal Hall, New York by Town & Davis
US Capitol Building, Washington, DC Federal Hall, first U.S. Capitol, New York, NY
Phoenix, Arizona

(1900) by James Riley Gordon
(New House & Senate: 1960)
New Arizona House of Representatives, Phoenix, AZ Old Arizona State Capitol statue, Phoenix, AZ
Little Rock, Arkansas

(1899-1915) by George R. Mann then Cass Gilbert
Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock, AR Old Arkansas State House, Little Rock, AR

Sacramento, California

(1856-74) by Reuben Clark, Miner F. Butler, G. Parker Cummings, Henry Kenitzer & A.A. Bennett in sequence
Dome of California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA
Denver, Colorado

(1886-1907) by Elijah E. Myers then Frank E. Edbrooke
Colorado State Capitol, Denver, CO
Hartford, Connecticut

(1872-79) by Richard M. Upjohn
Gold dome of Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford, CT Dome of Old State House, Hartford, CT
Dover, Delaware

(1933) by William Martin
Old State House: (1787-92)
Delaware State Capitol, Dover, DE
Tallahassee, Florida

(1972-1977) by Edward Durell Stone
State Capitol Tower, Tallahassee, FL Dome of old State Capitol, Tallahassee, FL
Atlanta, Georgia

(1883-89) by Willoughby J. Edbrooke & Franklin P. Burnham
Georgia State House dome, Atlanta, GA
Honolulu, Hawaii

(1960-69) by Belt, Lemon & Lo + Warneke & Assoc.
Iolani Palace: (1879-82) by Thomas J. Baker
Hawaii State Capitol, Honolulu, HI 'lolani Palace, Honolulu, HI
Springfield, Illinois

(1868-76) by John C. Cochrane + Alfred H. Piquenard, finished (1884-88) by William W. Boyington
Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, IL Old Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, IL
Indianapolis, Indiana

(1877-86) by Edwin May & Adolph Scherrer
Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, IN
Des Moines, Iowa

(1870-1886) by John C. Cochrane & Alfred H. Piquenard then M.E. Bell & W.F. Hackney
Dome of Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines, IA Old Iowa Capitol, Iowa City, IA
Frankfort, Kentucky

(1905-10) by Frank Mills Andrews
Old State Capitol: (1827-30) by Gideon Shyrock
Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort, KY
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

(1930-32) by Weiss, Dreyfous & Seiferth
Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA
Augusta, Maine

(1828-32) by Charles Bulfinch then (1909-11) wings & Beaux Arts dome by G. Henri Desmond
Maine State Capitol, Augusta, ME
Annapolis, Maryland

(1772-79) by Joseph Horatio Anderson & Joseph Clark then (1785-87) dome by Joseph Clark
Maryland State Capital, Annapolis, MD
Boston, Massachusetts

(1795-98) by Charles Bulfinch
Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA Old State House, Boston, MA
Lansing, Michigan

(1871-78) by Elijah E. Myers
Inside dome of Michigan State Capitol, Lansing, MI
St Paul, Minnesota

(1893-1905) by Cass Gilbert
Minnesota State Capitol dome, St. Paul, MN
Jackson, Mississippi

(1901-03) by Theodore C. Link
Dome of Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, MS Old Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, MS
Jefferson City, Missouri

(1911-17) by Egerton Tracy & Evarts Swartwout
Missouri State Capitol dome, Jefferson City, MO
Helena, Montana

(1896-1902) by Charles Emlen Bell & John Hackett Kent
Dome of Montana State Capitol, Helena, MT
Lincoln, Nebraska

(1919-32) by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue
Statue of pioneer sowing grain atop Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln, NE
Carson City, Nevada

Nevada State Assembly (1970 & 97)
by Ferris & Erskine + Raymond Hellman
Nevada State Legislature, Carson City, NV Old Nevada State Capitol, Carson City, NV
Concord, New Hampshire

(1815-18) by Stuart James Park
Dome of New Hampshire State House, Concord, NH
Trenton, New Jersey

(1790-95) by Jonathan Doane then additions to (1930) by John Notman, Samuel Sloan, Lewis H. Broome & others
Dome of New Jersey State Capitol. Trenton, NJ
Santa Fe, New Mexico

(1964-66) by W.C. Kruger & John Gaw Meem
Old Capitol (now Bataan Memorial Building): (1895-1900) by James Riely Gordon
New Mexico State Capitol. Santa Fe, NM Old New Mexico State Capitol (now Bataan Memorial Building). Santa Fe, NM
Albany, New York

(1867-75) by Thomas Fuller then Leopold Eidlitz, Henry Hobson Richardson & Frederick Law Olmsted + Isaac G. Perry
New York State Capitol, Albany, NY
Columbus, Ohio

(1838-40) by Henry Walter then William R. West then N.B. Kelly
Ohio State Capitol, Columbus, OH
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(1914-17) by Solomon Andrew Layton & S. Wemyss Smith
Bronze Native American statue on Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK
Salem, Oregon

(1935) by Francis Keally
Oregon State Capitol, Salem, OR
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

(1898-1903) by Henry Ives Cobb then new design (1902-06) by Joseph M. Huston
Dome of Pennsylvania Capitol, Harrisburg, PA
Providence, Rhode Island

(1896-1904) by McKim, Mead & White
Old State House (aka Colony House): (1734)
State Capital Building, Providence, RI Colony House later Rhode Island State House, Newport, RI
Pierre, South Dakota

(1905-11) by C.E. Bell & M.S. Detweiller
Dome of South Dakota State Capitol, Pierre, SD
Nashville, Tennessee

(1845-54) by William Strickland then son Francis
Lantern on Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, TN
Austin, Texas

(1881-88) by Elijah E. Myers
Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX
Salt Lake City, Utah

(1911-16) by Richard K.A. Kletting
Old Capitol: (1891-94) by Henry Monheim, George W. Bird & Willis T. Proudfoot
Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, UT Former Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, UT
Montpelier, Vermont

(1834-36) by Ammi Burnham Young then rebuilt (1857-59) by Thomas W. Silloway then Joseph R. Richards
Vermont State Capitol dome, Montpelier, VT
Richmond, Virginia

(1785-90) by Charles-Louis Clerisseau under Thomas Jefferson
Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, VA
Olympia , Washington

(1919-28) by Walter R. Wilder & Harry K. White
Old State Capitol: (1892) by Willis Ritchie
Washington State Capitol Dome, Olympia, WA Old County Courthouse former Washington State Capitol, Olympia, WA
Charleston, West Virginia

(1924-32) by Cass Gilbert
Lantern atop dome of West Virginia State Capitol. Charleston, WV
Madison, Wisconsin

(1906-17) by George Browne Post & sons
Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI
Cheyenne, Wyoming

(1886-90) by David W. Gibbs then William Dubois
Dome of Wyoming State Capitol, Cheyenne, WY
Montgomery, Alabama

1851 with expansions into 20th c
In Prep
Topeka, Kansas

(1866-1873) by J.G. Haskell & E. Townsend Mix then (1879-1881) by E.T. Carr & George Ropes then (1884-1906) by J.G. Haskell, George Ropes & Kenneth McDonald
In Prep
Raleigh, North Carolina

(1833) by William Nichols Jr. then Ithiel Town & Alexander Jackson Davis. Legislative Building: (1963) by Edward Durell Stone
In Prep
Columbia, South Carolina

(1854-65) by Major John Rudolph Niernsee
In Prep
Juneau, Alaska

(1923-31) by James A. Wetmore
A New Capitol: In planning stage
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Boise, Idaho

(1905-13) by John E. Tourtellotte
No Photos
Bismarck, North Dakota

(1920-24) by Joseph B. DeRemer & William F. Kirke
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