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The eastern edge of France abutting Germany (across the Rhine) and Switzerland offers quaint villages and Alpine scenery. This region includes Alsace Lorraine, Burgundy & Alps. Sites are listed north to south.

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Nancy Arc de Triomphe by Emmanuel Héré de Corny to honor Louis XV. Nancy, France Highly ornate gilded gates by Jean Lamour & Rococo fountain on Place Stanislas. Nancy, France Details of gilded ironwork design on lamppost on Place Stanislas. Nancy, France
Metz Art Nouveau building on place St. Jacques. Metz, France Rail station erected during German annexation. Metz, France German-style water tower near rail station. Metz, France
Metz Cathedral Cathedral of St. Etienne facade. Metz, France Detail of souls entering jaws of hell at Last Judgment on tympanum of Cathedral. Metz, France Gargoyles on Cathedral of St. Etienne. Metz, France
Metz Cathedral Chagall Windows Detail of bearded man from stained-glass by Marc Chagall in Cathedral. Metz, France Detail of irregular upper windows from stained-glass by Marc Chagall in Cathedral. Metz, France Detail of red woman windows from stained-glass by Marc Chagall in Cathedral. Metz, France
Metz Cathedral Stained Glass Modern stained-glass windows by Jacques Simon Workshop of Reims in Cathedral. Metz, France Detail of rose window stained-glass in Cathedral. Metz, France Modern stained-glass of saints Joachim, Trudo of Metz, Aldric of Metz & Joseph in Cathedral. Metz, France
Strasbourg Cathedral as seen along rue Mercière. Strasbourg, France Statue of Guttenberg in Place Guttenberg. Strasbourg, France Curved exterior of Hotel du Departement. Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg Cathedral Outside of rose window over central door of Cathedral. Strasbourg, France Lion gargoyle on Cathedral. Strasbourg, France Detail of rose window in Cathedral. Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg European Parliament & ourts Stepped architecture of Palais de l'Europe tower. Strasbourg, France Glass walls of entry hall of European Court of Human Rights. Strasbourg, France Sculpture of bound humans awaiting freedom at European Court of Human Rights. Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art Horse sculpture & terracing of Museum of Modern Art. Strasbourg, France Vase with four faces by Léon Elchinger & Jean-Désiré Ringel d"Illzach in Museum of Modern Art. Strasbourg, France Art Nouveau marquetry buffet by Charles Spindler in Museum of Modern Art. Strasbourg, France
Obernai Upper structure of Kapellturm. Obernai, France City Hall. Obernai, France Medieval tower beside Sts Peter & Paul church. Obernai, France
Haut Koenigsbourg Castle Haut Koenigsbourg castles were built from 12th-15th c, with current structure reconstructed from ruins under direction of Kaiser Wilhelm II. France Dragon with green eye in Haut Koenigsbourg. France Chandelier with jousting knight in Haut Koenigsbourg. France
Riquewihr Dolder belfry tower. Riquewihr, France Local pretzels. Riquewihr, France Half-timbered house at Sinnbrunnen fountain. Riquewihr, France
Colmar Town Half-timbered houses with elaborate painted patterns. Colmar, France Portal & Last Judgement over Nativity tympanum of St. Martin church. Colmar, France Half-timbered restaurant. Colmar, France
Colmar Unterlinden Museum Gothic cloister of Unterlinden Museum in a former Dominican convent. Colmar, France Carvings of Christ & 11 Apostles on Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthius Grünewald in Unterlinden Museum. Colmar, France Stained glass window of St. Jerome in Unterlinden Museum. Colmar, France
Mulhouse National Auto Museum of France Bugatti two-seat racing type 35B, France; 210km/h in Schlumpf National Automobile Museum. Mulhouse, France Mulhouse Electricity Museum A.O.I.P. telephone handset familiar in French films in Electropolis Museum. Mulhouse, France
Belfort Head of Belfort Lion by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who also sculpted the Statue of Liberty. Belfort, France Buildings on Place d'Armes. Belfort, France Wedding couple at wedding at Town Hall. Belfort, France
Ronchamp Chapel of Notre Dame-du-Haut Chapel of Notre Dame-du-Haut. Ronchamp, France Colored Marie windows of Notre Dame-du-Haut Chapel. Ronchamp, France Painting on interior of main doors of Notre Dame-du-Haut Chapel. Ronchamp, France
Besançon View of town & River Doubs from ramparts of Citadel. Besançon, France Walking wheel to lift water from 132m deep well at Citadel. Besançon, France Marche Beaux-arts. Besançon, France
Arc-et-Senans Saline Royale director's house & Flower Tree sculpture by Choi Jeong Hwa. Arc-et-Senans, France Window frame carved in shape of solidified salt at Saline Royale. Arc-et-Senans, France Gate house of Saline Royale. Arc-et-Senans, France
Dole Dours River. Dole, France Collégiale Notre Dame tower. Dole, France Statue of Louis Pasteur. Dole, France
Dijon Court of Honor of Palace of Dukes of Burgundy. Dijon, France Pig, sheep & people gargoyles on Notre Dame church. Dijon, France Fountain celebrating grapes on Place François Rude. Dijon, France
Dijon Museum of Fine Arts Marble tomb of Philip the Bold by Jean de Marville, Claus Sluter & Clause de Werve in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France Marble supporting clerical carvings on tomb of John the Fearless & Margaret of Bavaria in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France Probably portrait of Hugues de Rabutin by Master of Saint-Jean-de-Luze in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France
Beaune Town Gate in town ramparts. Beaune, France Carved animal on support beam where mansion of the Dukes of Burgundy meets town ramparts. Beaune, France Shrimp in grapefruit in shop window. Beaune, France
Beaune Hotel Dieu Octagonal tower in courtyard of Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France Glazed roof tiles on gable of Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France Last Judgment polytych altarpiece by Rogier van der Weyden in Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France
Burgundy Wine Region La Rochepot chateau on hill above town in Burgundy Wine Region. La Rochepot, France Vineyard above town of Monthelie along Route des Grands Crus tourist route through Burgundy Wine Region. Monthelie, France Overview of Autun between Tour des Ursulines & Cathedral St. Lazarre. Autun, France
Annecy Cruise boat on lake. Annecy, France Pont de la Caille cable suspension bridge supported by stone pillars is 147m high & 192m long, at its time the largest in the world. Annecy, France Town Hall. Annecy, France
Aix-les-Bains Turn of the centurey hotel roof seen through Roman Arc de Campus. Aix-les-Bains, France Pleasure boats in port on Lac du Bourget. Aix-les-Bains, France Casino Grand Cercle. Aix-les-Bains, France
Chambéry Elephant Fountain. Chambéry, France View along rue de Boigne to Elephant Fountain & French Alps. Chambéry, France Espace Culturel André Malroux arts center. Chambéry, France
Storks of Alsace Storks nesting in Alsace. France Painted sign with storks eating a pretzel in Alsace. France Plush stuffed toy storks on rack in Alsace. France

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