France Burgundy southeast from Paris to Dijon Photos

The strip of France spanning from the southeast edge of Paris to Dijon offers several historic sites and quaint towns, some in Burgundy.

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Fontainbleau Palace Horseshoe staircase at Fontainbleau Palace. Fontainbleau, France Trinity Chapel in Fontainbleau Palace with painted vault by Martin Fréminet. Fontainbleau, France Former King's bedroom converted to throne room by Napoleon I in Fontainbleau Palace. Fontainbleau, France
Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau, Melun Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau. Melun, France Equestrian portrait of Louis XIV in King's antechamber or library in Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau. Melun, France Overview of Vaux-le-Vicomte chateau during visit of Queen of France Marie Leczinska in painting by Martin des Batailles. Melun, France
Sens & St Stephen's Cathedral St. Stephen's Cathedral square. Sens, France Carved beasts of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Sens, France City hall tower detail. Sens, France
Auxerre & St Étienne Cathedral Gothic clock face on Tour Gaillarde. Auxerre, France Cathedral St. Étienne Gothic portal. Auxerre, France Nicolas Retif de La Bretonne statue an 18th C novelist who worked near the clock tower. Auxerre, France
Vézelay & Basilique Ste-Madeleine Tower of St. Antoine at Basilique Ste-Madeleine. Vézelay, France Basilique Ste-Madeleine pulpit silhouette. Vézelay, France Skyline of town on hilly ridge. Vézelay, France
Chateau de Tanlay, Tonnerre Portal of Chateau de Tanlay seen through gate. Tonnerre, France Portal of Chateau de Tanlay rustication details. Tonnerre, France Pyramids of Chateau de Tanlay by le Muet. Tonnerre, France
Ancy-la-Franc Chateau. Ancy-la-Franc, France Detail of fireplace with portrait & clock in Chateau. Ancy-la-Franc, France Bust over fireplace in Chateau decorated by Il Primaticcio. Ancy-la-Franc, France
Fontenay Abbey Church of Fontenay Abbey which is second oldest Cistercian community founded by St. Bernard. Fontenay, France Cloister of Fontenay Abbey. Fontenay, France Medieval tiles in church at Fontenay Abbey. Fontenay, France
Autun & Cathedral St Lazarre Detail of saint carved on pillar below tympanum of Cathedral St. Lazarre. Autun, France Rolin Museum in 15th c mansion. Autun, France Tour des Ursulines. Autun, France
Dijon Court of Honor of Palace of Dukes of Burgundy. Dijon, France Pig, sheep & people gargoyles on Notre Dame church. Dijon, France Fountain celebrating grapes on Place François Rude. Dijon, France
Dijon Museum of Fine Arts Marble tomb of Philip the Bold by Jean de Marville, Claus Sluter & Clause de Werve in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France Marble supporting clerical carvings on tomb of John the Fearless & Margaret of Bavaria in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France Probably portrait of Hugues de Rabutin by Master of Saint-Jean-de-Luze in Museum of Fine Arts. Dijon, France
Beaune Town Gate in town ramparts. Beaune, France Carved animal on support beam where mansion of the Dukes of Burgundy meets town ramparts. Beaune, France Shrimp in grapefruit in shop window. Beaune, France
Beaune Hotel Dieu Octagonal tower in courtyard of Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France Glazed roof tiles on gable of Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France Last Judgment polytych altarpiece by Rogier van der Weyden in Hotel Dieu. Beaune, France
Burgundy Wine Region La Rochepot chateau on hill above town in Burgundy Wine Region. La Rochepot, France Vineyard above town of Monthelie along Route des Grands Crus tourist route through Burgundy Wine Region. Monthelie, France Overview of Autun between Tour des Ursulines & Cathedral St. Lazarre. Autun, France

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