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Over 150 original photos of New Jersey: tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, monuments, museums.

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New Jersey State Capitol, Trenton Gold dome of New Jersey State Capitol. Trenton, NJ Interior of dome of New Jersey State Capitol. Trenton, NJ Carving of state seal in House chamber of New Jersey Capitol. Trenton, NJ
Trenton Heritage State Street Old Barracks Museum outside staircase. Trenton, NJ Roebling Row. Trenton, NJ
Princeton University Blair Hall gate on Princeton campus. Princeton, NJ Nassau Hall Tiger, one of many of Princeton's mascot. Princeton, NJ Robertson Hall with "Fountain of Freedom" sculpture in reflecting pool by James Fitzpatrick, memorial to Woodrow Wilson. Princeton, NJ
Alexander Hall, Princeton University Princeton's Alexander Hall noted for its large relief carving showing figures & symbols from the history of science, arts & knowledge in general. Princeton, NJ Astronomer looks through telescope on Alexander Hall on Princeton campus. Princeton, NJ
Princeton Town Morven built by Richard Stockton, signer of Declaration of Independence, & Annis Boudinot Stockton, early American Poet. Princeton, NJ George Washington dominates Monument to Battle of Princeton. Princeton, NJ
Washington's Headquarters National Park, Morristown Jacob Ford house at George Washington's Headquarters National Park where US continental army wintered. Morristown, NJ
Edison Home & Laboratory, West Orange Black Maria, America's first film studio, at Thomas Edison Laboratory National Historic Site. West Orange, NJ Upper story details of Glenmont at Thomas Edison House National Historic Site. West Orange, NJ
Jersey City, NJ 30 Hudson St., 101 Hudson St., Exchange Place Centre, Harborside Plaza 5 in Jersey City, NJ. NY

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