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This index traces the artistic history of several civilizations.

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Egyptian Art of Antiquity (5000 BCE - 100 CE) Detail of Egyptian cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpare possibly from Thebes at Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, NY Detail of Egyptian coffin of Pa-Debehu-Aset at Memorial Art Gallery. Rochester, NY Egyptian bronze & alabaster ibis mummy coffin at San Antonio Museum of Art. San Antonio, TX
Megalithic Carvings of Ireland (c3200 BCE) Passage tomb entrance guarded by Megalithic-carved swirl at Newgrange. Ireland Neolithic carved design at Knowth. Ireland Neolithic carved stone with river-like design at Knowth. Ireland
Ancient Greek Art & History (6thC - 1stC BCE) Eirene, goddess of peace, as mother of prosperity copy of original by sculptor Cephisodotus of Athens at Glyptothek. Munich, Germany Greek bronze mirror with Medusa from South Italy at Getty Museum Villa. Malibu, CA Greek core-formed pitcher at Toledo Glass Pavilion. Toledo, OH
Roman Empire Art & History (1stC BCE - 476) Roman marble head of Emperor Augustus at Getty Museum Villa. Malibu, CA Roman marble sarcophagus showing battle between soldiers & amazons at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Houston, TX Roman mosaic from villa at Daphne near Antioch at RISD Museum. Providence, RI
Cycladic Culture Art, People of Aegean Islands (c3300-1100 BCE) Cycladic marble folded-arm female figures at Getty Museum Villa. Malibu, CA Cycladian terracotta object of unknown use called "frying pans" decorated with spirals at Louvre Museum. Paris, France Cycladian terracotta kernos decorated with geometric patterns at Sèvres National Ceramic Museum. Paris, France
Cypriot Culture Art, People of Cyprus (c3000-4thC BCE) Terra Cotta female figure & female goddess with infant from Cyprus at Sèvres National Ceramic Museum. Paris, France Ceramic spouted vessel from Cyprus at Neues Museum. Berlin, Germany Cypriot terracotta jug in shape of barrel at Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL
Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria Art & Cuneiform (883-333 BCE) Upper section corner details of Ishtar Gate at Pergamon Museum. Berlin, Germany Assyrian two winged genie from Nimrud NW Palace of Kings at Museum Ägyptischer Kunst. Munich, Germany Cuneiform tablet concerning sale of a field & house at the Louvre Museum. Paris, France
Art of Persia & Iran (1000 BCE - 20thC) Bronze cheekpiece of horse bridle in form of mythical creature from Iran at Asian Art Museum. San Francisco, CA Iranian ceramic spouted vessel at Memorial Art Gallery. Rochester, NY Glass flask with cut diamond decoration from Iran at Pergamon Museum. Berlin, Germany
Pictish Art of Scotland (~600-1000) Pictish grave stone with rider on striped saddlecloth with sword at Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum. Meigle, Scotland Stone with Pictish double disk & Z-rod symbol at St Vigeans Museum. Arbroath, Scotland Pictish architectural frieze detail of half-woman / half-fish siren at Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum. Meigle, Scotland
European & American Painters (Medieval to Present Birth of Venus painting by Sandro Botticelli at Uffizi Gallery. Florence, Italy Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning painting by Claude Monet at J. Paul Getty Museum Center. Malibu, CA Self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh at Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, MI
European & American Sculptors History Theseus defeats the Centaur statue by Antonio Canova Kunsthistorisches Museum. Vienna, Austria The Kiss bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin at Legion of Honor Museum. San Francisco, CA Oval with Points sculpture by Henry Moore on Princeton campus. Princeton, NJ
African Art & Cultural Items King's Ceremonial Hat from Cameroon at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Houston, TX Akan peoples gold sun mask from Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana, at New Orleans Museum of Art. New Orleans, LA Wood mask attrib. Efik peoples of Nigeria at National Museum of African Art. Washington, DC
Asian Art & Cultural Items Netsuke of monkey in coils of snake from Japan at Asian Art Museum. San Francisco, CA Tibetan mask used in ritual dances which recount Tibetan & Buddhist history at Museum of Natural History. New York, NY Cambodian Siva head from Phnom Bok at Guimet Museum. Paris, France
Pacific Art & Cultural Items Basketry mask from Prince Alexander Mountains of New Guinea at de Young Museum. San Francisco, CA Australian native bark painting of kangaroo at Musée du quai Branly. Paris, France Full suit of armor from Banaba islands of Gilbert archipelago at Five Continents Museum. Munich, Germany
Native American & Hawaiian Arts Feathered native headdress at Museum of Idaho. Idaho Falls, ID Woman giving birth wooden first nations mask by Mungo Martin of Fort Rupert at Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, WA Gold pendant of man with headdress from Guanecoste Region of Costa Rica at New Orleans Museum of Art. New Orleans, LA

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