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Ansimals in decoration, design, art, sculpture, architecture.

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Rabbits and Hares Carving of a running rabbit in shop. Monterey, CA Ceramic black-on-white bowl with rabbit by Mogollon culture of NM at Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas, TX Japanese style rabbit in Girard wing at Museum of International Folk Art. Santa Fe, NM
Bears Detail of bench in shape of bear at New Britain Museum of American Art. New Britain, CT Floral polar bear in Christmas display at Bellagio. Las Vegas, NV Gitxsan ceremonial headdress in form of black bear at National Museum of American Indian. New York, NY
Camels China: Six dynasty earthenware Bactrian camel in Asian Art Museum. San Francisco, CA Arab on camel Palmer souvenir biscuit tin at Manderston House. Duns, Scotland Bench with camel shapes at Palm Springs tourist office. CA
Donkeys Ceramic donkey vessel from Anatolia at Pergamon Museum. Berlin, Germany Painted wooden table with donkey under blanket from northern Germany at Cluny Museum. Paris, France Carving of Christ on donkey for Palm Sunday processions from southern Germany at Cluny Museum. Paris, France
Giraffes Egyptian predynastic ceramic vessel with giraffe decoration at Neues Museum. Berlin, Germany Giraffe merry-go-round animal on carousel at St. Louis Zoo. St Louis, MO Coquette Giraffe statue by Josep Granyer. Barcelona, Spain
Squirrels Meissen porcelain teapot in shape of squirrel by Johann Joachim Kaendler at Meissen porcelain museum at Lustheim Palace. Munich, Germany Printed paper hatbox with squirrel design in Layton General Store at Old Bethpage Village. Old Bethpage, NY Lamp with carved squirrel in Crater Lake Lodge. OR
Elephants Glass vase with elephant design by Glashütte Valentin Eisch KG, of Frauenau at Deutsches Museum. Munich, Germany Vietnamese ceramic elephant at Guimet Museum. Paris, France Oku or Babanki elephant crest mask from Cameroon at Fowler Museum. Los Angeles, CA
Lions Head of Belfort Lion by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who also sculpted the Statue of Liberty. Belfort, France Babylon Processional Way lion at Pergamon Museum. Berlin, Germany Persian gold head of snarling lion probably from Ecbatana, Persia at Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, NY
Owls Chinese bronze owl-shaped wine vessel at Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven, CT Stylized flame with sculpted owl on Harold Washington Library Center. Chicago, IL Owl-shaped music box by Fred Zimbalist at Milan Historical Museum. Milan, OH
Pigs Basketry figure of wild pig from Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea at San Antonio Museum of Art. San Antonio, TX Carousel figure of pig by Gustav A. Dentzel Carousel Co. at Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA Carved pigs working metal on Casa Amatller. Barcelona, Spain
Dogs in Art Sir James Miller with sisters Amy & Evelyn, brother William & dog Lion family painting by Charles Luytens at Manderston House. Duns, Scotland Glazed earthenware dog from China at Asian Art Museum. San Francisco, CA Western dog with bandoleer of bones in shop in Chimayo. NM
Monkeys in Art Meissen porcelain figure of monkey with snuffbox by Gottlieb Kirchner at Meissen porcelain museum at Lustheim Palace. Munich, Germany Musical Rococo Monkeys in Art Automated monkey at piano by Gustave Vichy at Arts et Metiers Museum. Paris, France
Snakes Greek gold snake bracelet from Egypt at Getty Museum Villa. Malibu, CA Silver snake pitcher by Gorham Manuf. Co. of Providence, RI at Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA Lamp in form of snake with electric wire serving as snake tongue at Woodrow Wilson House. Washington, DC
Frogs Colima Mexico: early-American pottery vessel of two joined frogs at LACMA. Los Angeles, CA Coclé gold frog pendant from Costa Rica at Dumbarton Oaks Museum. Washington, DC Toad & frog sculpture by Jean Carriès at Petit Palace Museum. Paris, France
Dragonfly Art Dragonfly & butterfly glass vase by Émile Gallé at Museum of Decorative Arts. Paris, France Dragonfly comb by Paul Fréderic Follot of Paris at Museum of Decorative Arts. Paris, France Detail of dragonfly shade attrib. Clara Pierce Wolcott Driscoll of Tiffany Studios at Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL

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