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Dogs in Painting Coptic tomb stela for boy with grapes & dog of limestone from Antinoopolis at Museum Ägyptischer Kunst. Munich, Germany Miss Anna Ward with Her Dog painting by Joshua Reynolds at Kimbell Art Museum. Fort Worth, TX Sir James Miller with sisters Amy & Evelyn, brother William & dog Lion family painting by Charles Luytens at Manderston House. Duns, Scotland
Dogs in Sculptures & Figurines Glazed earthenware dog from China at Asian Art Museum. San Francisco, CA Hunting dog statue by A. Cain at Château de Chantilly. Chantilly, France Umbrella stand in shape of dog holding whip at Chepstow. Newport, RI
Unusual Dogs in Art Milk delivery cart drawn by dogs at Schleswig Holstein State Museum. Schleswig, Germany Louwelsa vase with dog face by Lizabeth Blake of S.A. Weller Pottery Co. at Mathews House Museum. Zanesville, OH Western dog with bandoleer of bones in shop in Chimayo. NM
American Native Art of Dogs Walrus ivory carving of couple with dog sled from Holman Island, Canada at Five Continents Museum. Munich, Germany Lambayeque tumi in silver, gold & turquoise knife used for surgery is topped by Viringo which had body temperature of 39°C was used for warmth by natives in Gold Museum, Lima. Peru Colima earthenware dog scratching its head from West Mexico at de Young Museum. San Francisco, CA
St Roch's dog who carried bread to him during plague Gilded wood carving of St Roch with dog from Normandy, France at The Cloisters. New York, NY St Roch statue from Spain at Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. Santa Fe, NM Statue of St Roch at St Roch Church. Paris, France

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