Churches of Munich Photos

Munich hosts several churches of note.

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St Peter's Church, Munich (12thC - Romanesque); (14th-17thC Renaissance & Baroque interior) Peterskirche. Munich, Germany Clock tower atop Peterskirche. Munich, Germany Rebuilt Baroque interior of Peterskirche. Munich, Germany
Frauenkirche Cathedral, Munich (1468-88) Gothic with Renaissance domes (1524) by Jörg von Halsbach Frauenkirche cathedral with Renaissance domes. Munich, Germany Inspection of dome of Frauenkirche. Munich, Germany Gothic interior of Frauenkirche. Munich, Germany
St Michael Church, Munich (1583) Renaissance & Baroque by Friedrich Sustris & Wendel Dietterlin St Michael Kirche. Munich, Germany Interior of St Michael Kirche. Munich, Germany Pulpit of St Michael Kirche. Munich, Germany
Bürgersaal Church, Munich (1709-10) Baroque by Giovanni Antonio Viscardi Bürgersaal kirche has an upper & lower churches. Munich, Germany Baroque upper church of Bürgersaal kirche. Munich, Germany Modern Baroque ceiling painting by H. Kaspar in Bürgersaal kirche. Munich, Germany
Holy Ghost Church, Munich (1724-30) Neo-Baroque remodeled by Johann Georg Ettenhofer Neo-Baroque entry facade of Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Munich, Germany Neo-Baroque details of entry facade of Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Munich, Germany Organ loft at Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Munich, Germany
St Lukas Lutheran Church, Munich (1893-6) Neo-Classical by Albert Schmidt St Lukas Lutheran church on banks of Isar River. Munich, Germany Central dome of St Lukas. Munich, Germany Architecture of St Lukas. Munich, Germany
St Paul Church, Munich (1906) Gothic Revival by Georg von Hauberrisser St Paul Church. Munich, Germany St. Salvatore Church (1493) Spire of St. Salvatore church. Munich, Germany
St.-Kajetan-Theatiner church (1690) Baroque Baroque dome of St.-Kajetan-Theatiner church. Munich, Germany St. Ludwig Church (1844) by Friedrich von Grtner Victory gate by Eduard Mezger & St. Ludwig church spire by Friedrich von Gärtner with highrises beyond north of city. Munich, Germany

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