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Over 4,300 original images of Ohio: tourist attractions, parks, monuments. Ohio was the first frontier of the American westward expansion because it was flat farm country & had transport along Lake Eire & the Ohio River. Consequently, it developed major industries & cities like Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati. It also sent more Presidents to Washington than any other state.

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Columbus, OH LeVeque Tower upper detail. Columbus, OH Santa Maria replica, a ship leased by Christopher Columbus in Paolas, Spain. Columbus, OH President William McKinley monument & State Capitol building. Columbus, OH
Cincinnati, OH Roebling Suspension Bridge by builder of Brooklyn bridge. Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Union Terminal / Cincinnati Museum Centre. Cincinnati, OH Art Deco relief of man with biplane in lobby of Carew Tower. Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH Spiral tower above glass pyramid of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland, OH Detail of the feet of Peace above Flames of War on War Memorial Fountain. Cleveland, OH Spire & classical columns of Terminal Tower. Cleveland, OH
Toledo, OH Neoclassical facade of Lucas County Courthouse. Toledo, OH Bridge of Willis B. Boyer lake freighter museum ship against One SeaGate Building. Toledo, OH Portrait of Isabella Teotochi Marini by Louise-Élisabeth Vigée-Le Brun at Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo, OH
Akron, OH Former National Inventors Hall of Fame. Akron, OH Polyurethane sculpture created by Dale Chilhuly in front of Goodyear Polymer Center at University of Akron. Akron, OH Second Empire tower of Hower House. Akron, OH
Bryan, OH Williams County Courthouse clock tower. Bryan, OH
Cambridge, OH Clock tower & blind justice atop Guernsey County Courthouse. Cambridge, OH Amber glass pitcher at National Museum of Cambridge Glass. Cambridge, OH Glass owl lamp at National Museum of Cambridge Glass. Cambridge, OH
Canton, OH Trumpet blowing herald on tower of Stark County Courthouse. Canton, OH Fireplace with portrait of Ida Saxton McKinley in parlor at Ida Saxton McKinley Historic House. Canton, OH Canton Glass butter dish Jumbo pattern at McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. Canton, OH
Dayton, OH Wright Cycle Co. shop part of Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park run by National Park Service. Dayton, OH Newcom Tavern log structure at Carillon Historical Park. Dayton, OH Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood the home of Orville Wright who kept a room for Wilbur who died before their joint house was completed. Dayton, OH
US Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH Nose view of Nieuport 28 replica at National Museum of USAF. Dayton, OH Nose wheel of Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit bomber at National Museum of USAF. Dayton, OH Side view of Ryan X-13 Vertijet at National Museum of USAF. Dayton, OH
East Liverpool, OH East Liverpool Museum of Ceramics in former Post Office. East Liverpool, OH Museum of Ceramics, East Liverpool, OH Rockingham pitcher with hound handle by Harker, Taylor & Co. of East Liverpool at Museum of Ceramics. East Liverpool, OH
Elyria, OH Elyria Town Hall on Elyria Square. Elyria, OH
Freemont, OH & Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Iron gate given by the White House with US red, white & blue shield at Hayes Presidential Center. Fremont, OH Hayes Presidential Home 1889 wing. Fremont, OH Souvenir plate portrait of President Rutherford B. Hayes for his visit to Philadelphia Centennial Exposition at Hayes Museum. Fremont, OH
Lancaster, OH William T. Sherman House Museum birthplace of Civil War general. Lancaster, OH Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, Lancaster, OH Parlor detail in Reese-Peters House. Lancaster, OH
Marion, OH & President Warren G. Harding House Harding portrait detail from America First poster by Howard Chandler Christy. Marion, OH Popcorn Museum, Marion Cretors Popcorn Concession Truck built upon a Ford TT Truck in popcorn museum. Marion, OH
Milan, OH Milan Township Town Hall. Milan, OH Edison Standard phonograph with cylinders at Edison Birthplace Museum. Milan, OH Iridescent - Loetz sweetmeat jar with bats at Milan Historical Museum. Milan, OH
Newark, OH Kingfisher flower frog in Hawthorne color at National Heisey Glass Museum. Newark, OH Leafy scrollwork on Sullivan's The Old Home Building Association Co. Newark, OH Longaberger Office Building shaped as world's largest apple basket. Newark, OH
Oberlin College Campus, OH Finney Chapel at Oberlin College. Oberlin, OH Oberlin Heritage Center, OH Rear of Jewett House with outbuildings at Oberlin Heritage Center. Oberlin, OH
Sandusky, OH Streetscape includes Cassedy-West Building. Sandusky, OH Carousel horse by C.W. Parker at Merry-Go-Round Museum. Sandusky, OH Power Tower roller coaster at Cedar Point. Sandusky, OH
Sauder Village, OH Log cabin with shutters at Sauder Village. Archbold, OH Morning glory in garden at Sauder Village. Archbold, OH Ringer washing machines at Sauder Village museum. Archbold, OH
Tiffin, OH Rounded corners of Seneca County Courthouse. Tiffin, OH Peach colored glass at Tiffin Glass Museum. Tiffin, OH Box office at Ritz Theatre. Tiffin, OH
Warren, OH Trumbell County Courthouse. Warren, OH National Packard Museum, Warren 1937 Packard convertible coupe model 1507 once owned by a gangster at Packard Museum. Warren, OH
President James A. Garfield House, Mentor, OH President James A. Garfield National Historic Site & home. Mentor, OH
Zanesville, OH Clock tower of Muskingum County Courthouse. Zanesville, OH Clear blown glass pitcher attr: Zanesville at Stone Academy Museum. Zanesville, OH Louwelsa jardinière with daffodil by S.A. Weller Pottery Co. at Mathews House Museum. Zanesville, OH
Ohio River towns of WV Wheeling Suspension Bridge part of National Road over the Ohio River. Wheeling, WV Fostoria Glass Museum, Moundsville, WV Mah Jongg plate & sherbet dish in ebony with orange + green stripes at Fostoria Glass Museum. Moundsville, WV
House Museums & Open-Air Museums of Ohio Hawthorn Hill in Oakwood the home of Orville Wright who kept a room for Wilbur who died before their joint house was completed. Dayton, OH House at Johnston Farm & Indian Agency run by Ohio Historical Society. Piqua, OH Monroe Home of Civil War General Giles W. Shurtleff, leader of Ohio's first African-American Civil War regiment, & then of abolitionist James Monroe, friend of Frederick Douglass. Oberlin, OH

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