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Over 770 original photos of Georgia: tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, monuments, museums of Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta & beyond.

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Atlanta Promenade 2 crown details. Atlanta, GA Egyptian-style tile on fireplace in washroom of Fox Theatre. Atlanta, GA Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Georgia State House. Atlanta, GA
Savannah Savannah Cotton Exchange. Savannah, GA Statue of Savannah's Waving Girl who greeted ships passing in & out of harbor. Savannah, GA Confederate Brooke Rifle with range of five miles & shell weighing 64 pounds was cast in Richmond, VA, is now at Fort Pulaski Monument. GA
Augusta, GA Penthouse atop Lamar Building. Augusta, GA Portal of Sacred Heart Cultural Center. Augusta, GA
Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, Augusta, GA Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home was manse for First Presbyterian Church where Wilson's father was pastor. Augusta, GA Front hall reception area in Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home. Augusta, GA
Thomasville Cobb House porch detail. Thomasville, GA Sculpture of river otter on Broad Street. Thomasville, GA
Pebble Hill Plantation, Thomasville Stairwell of Pebble Hill Plantation. Thomasville, GA Porcelain with birds at Pebble Hill Plantation. Thomasville, GA
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Alligator in Okefenokee swamp. GA

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