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Over 855 original photos of British Columbia: Vancouver, national parks, natural wonders, cities & towns, architectural heritage.

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Vancouver, BC Teflon-coated fiberglass sails of Canada Place. Vancouver, BC Dominion Trust Building. Vancouver, BC Bald Eagle in flight. Vancouver, BC
British Columbia Legislature, Victoria, BC British Columbia Legislature Building. Victoria, BC
Kelowna, BC Spirit of Sail by Robert Dow Reid statue at Gyro Beach. Kelowna, BC Fintry Queen paddle wheel cruise boat on Lake Okanagan. Kelowna, BC Concept to Creation sculpture by Philip Bews & Diane Gorvin & Rotary Centre for the Arts. Kelowna, BC
Glacier National Park, BC Snow shed across TransCanada Highway in Glacier National Park. BC Mountain peaks in Glacier National Park. BC Columbia ground squirrel at Glacier National Park. BC
Revelstoke, BC MacKenzie Ave. in Revelstoke. Revelstoke, BC Statue of Grizzly Bears & Cub on MacKenzie Ave. Revelstoke, BC Rainbow colored jukebox at Revelstoke Nickelodeon Museum. Revelstoke, BC
Revelstoke Railway Museum & Craigellachie, BC Nose of steam locomotive 5468 at Revelstoke Railway Museum. Revelstoke, BC CP Rail caboose at Revelstoke Railway Museum. Revelstoke, BC Canadian Pacific train rolls through Revelstoke. Revelstoke, BC

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