Tunisia Photos

Tunisia in the Mediterranean coast of Africa, offers the feel of Arabic and French worlds. Photos date from 2002.

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Tunis, Tunisia Kasbah Mosque minaret. Tunis, Tunisia Tunis Municipal Theatre on Ave. Habib Bourguiba. Tunis, Tunisia Modern inverted V-shaped building on Rue Mid'hat Bacha. Tunis, Tunisia
Bardo Museum, Tunis Palace ceiling housing Bardo Museum know for its collection of Roman-era tile floors. Tunis, Tunisia Roman mosaic tile floor of Ulysses tied to mast to resist sirens in Bardo Museum. Tunis, Tunisia Roman mosaic tile floor with beasts attacking each other at Bardo Museum. Tunis, Tunisia
Carthage Museum & area, Tunis Ruins of Carthage on grounds of Carthage Museum. Tunis, Tunisia Round ship basin remains of Punic harbor in Carthage. Tunis, Tunisia Painting of Carthage harbor & town in Roman times at Carthage Museum. Tunis, Tunisia
Sousse, Tunisia Great Mosque of Sousse with port beyond. Sousse, Tunisia Zigzag dome of Kalaout el Koubba. Sousse, Tunisia Molded leather art portrait in shop. Sousse, Tunisia

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