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The continent of Australia offers varied attractions ranging from modern cities to unusual wildlife.

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Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) Changing colors of Uluru at sunset, 6:20 pm. Australia Overhanging mouth of a cave at base of Uluru. Australia The Olgas near Uluru & red earth surrounding them, seen from air. Australia
Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Boats & a submarine allow people to view Barrier Reef of Cairns. Australia Large tropical fish swimming near Barrier Reef. Australia Flat sandy banks of Barrier Reef in Queensland. Australia
Sydney, Australia Skyline of Sydney. Sydney, Australia Stone police station in the Rocks area of Sydney. Sydney, Australia Monorail passes in front of skyscrapers of Sydney skyline. Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House Sydney Ferry boat before Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia Sail-like architecture of Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia Sculptural white roof of Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia
Sydney Harbor Sydney Harbour Bridge & opera house under cloud formation. Sydney, Australia View toward mouth of Sydney harbor seen from Sydney Tower. Sydney, Australia Houses lining Sydney harbor. Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia Tower atop of Melbourne Arts Center. Melbourne, Australia Looking East from Yarra River at skyline of Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia Dog dressed up with sunglasses & bows. Melbourne, Australia
Countryside North of Melbourne Imperial Hotel lace-like woodwork on balconies. Castlemaine, Australia Ranch hand attends to Hereford cows in hills north of Melbourne. Australia Hanging rock juts out of a forest of trees just outside Melbourne. Australia
Ballarat, Australia Overview of former mining town of Ballarat. Ballarat, Australia Wool bales on a horse drawn wagon in Ballarat. Ballarat, Australia Musicians play on a bench in front of antique building. Ballarat, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia Natural rock arch carved by sea along shore of Victoria in Port Campbell National Park. Australia Water rushes towards a cave at base of cliffs in Port Campbell National Park. Australia Cliffs eroded by ocean in Port Campbell National Park. Australia
Adelaide, Australia Gazebo on grounds of Arts Centre in Adelaide. Adelaide, Australia Old stone & wood Victorian architecture of King William Street in Adelaide. Adelaide, Australia Opal watches made in Adelaide. Adelaide, Australia
Australian Nature Koala sits in a tree in Melbourne Zoo. Melbourne, Australia Spiny anteater, or Echidna, at Melbourne Zoo. Melbourne, Australia Pair of reclining red kangaroos flex their muscles in Melbourne Zoo. Melbourne, Australia
Australian Aboriginal Art Aboriginal street entertainer plays his didgeridoo for a crowd. Sydney, Australia Australian native bark painting of kangaroo at Musée du quai Branly. Paris, France Tiwi peoples funerary poles from Bathurst island, Australia at Musée du quai Branly. Paris, France

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