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Gonzales, TX played an important role in the Texas Revolution and is known as the Lexington of Texas. The town was the site of the first battle (Oct. 2, 1835) when 150 Mexican Dragoons who came to Gonzales to take back the town canon were held off by 18 citizens. The town then sent 32 of its men to reinforce the Alamo, all of whom died (Mar. 6, 1836). It was in Gonzales that Sam Houston organized the Runaway Scrape in which the defeated Rebellious American settlers were to withdraw to Louisiana and under which Gonzales was ordered burned (Mar. 13, 1836) to keep it out of Mexican hands. After Houston defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto (Apr., 21, 1836), the citizens returned to rebuild the town which today hosts several significant heritage buildings. The town also played a significant role in the 1936 Centennial celebrations of the Texas Republic by building an Art Deco memorial, now a museum.

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Gonzales Town, TX Gonzales County Courthouse. Gonzales, TX Heritage Mobil gas station. Gonzales, TX Horace & Sarah Ponton Eggleston House in dog-trot style. Gonzales, TX
Memorial Museum, Gonzales , TX Gonzales Historical Memorial built for Texas Centennial. Gonzales, TX Original Come and Take It cannon which Mexican government gave citizens for protection & then tried to take it back in time of revolt at Gonzales Historical Memorial. Gonzales, TX Detail of Gen. Austin on mural by James Buchanan Winn Jr. at Gonzales Historical Memorial. Gonzales, TX
Gonzales Pioneer Village Living History Center, TX Muenzler House museum moved from Cost, TX at Pioneer Village. Gonzales, TX Rear of Gates log cabin ranch house at Pioneer Village. Gonzales, TX Bedroom in Knowles Townsend house at Pioneer Village. Gonzales, TX

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