House Museums & Open-Air Museums of Rhode Island Photos

House Museums are historic or architecturally important homes restored to a defined period of time and open for public tours. Open-Air Museums are collections of such houses in a village or neighborhood with the addition of farms, commercial or industrial buildings. A list of all house museums in the state follows the featured museums at the top.

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Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI Slater Mill bell tower once used to signal workers to wake up & then again to come to work when workers lacked clocks. Pawtucket, RI Cotton Gin by Carver Cotton Gin Company of East Bridgewater, MA automated process of removing seeds from cotton. Pawtucket, RI Sylvanus Brown house occupied by the patternmaker who made the machinery for the Slater Mill. Pawtucket, RI
Newport, RI The Elms French-style chateau built by coal millionaire Edward Berwind. Newport, RI The Breakers porch ceiling mosaics. Newport, RI Touro Synagogue neoclassical entrance. Newport, RI

Other House Museums of Connecticut
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