Toronto Architecture Photos

Toronto, Ontario hosts a range of architecture of note from heritage to modern.

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Royal Ontario Museum Crystal, Toronto (2007) by Daniel Libeskind et al The Crystal new northern entrance to Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, ON Detail of brushed, aluminum-cladding strips & glass of Chin Crystal addition to Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, ON Carvings around Avenue Road portal to Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, ON
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, Toronto (2006) by Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Entrance detail of Gardiner Museum. Toronto, ON Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (2014) by Fumihiko Maki Aga Khan Museum. Toronto, ON
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (2008) by Frank Gehry Glass entrance facade of Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, ON Wooden beams of interior passage of Frank Gehry addition to Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, ON Frank Gehry's 2008 wooden spiral staircase inside original courtyart at Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto, ON
OCAD, Toronto (2004) by Will Alsop Detail of Will Alsop's Centre for Design tabletop building at OCAD University. Toronto, ON OCAD University's black & white "tabletop" structure standing on poles over Grange heritage original building of Art Gallery of Ontario with its spiral staircase. Toronto, ON Mix of heritage & modern tabletop buildings at OCAD. Toronto, ON
Kleinberg, Ontario Village of Heritage Buildings (1880s on) Log building now a shop in village. Kleinburg, ON McNeil House, now a heritage shop building. Kleinburg, ON Thomas White House in brick neo-Gothic style. Kleinburg, ON

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