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House Museums are historic or architecturally important homes restored to a defined period of time and open for public tours. Open-Air Museums are collections of such houses in a village or neighborhood with the addition of farms, commercial or industrial buildings. A list of all house museums in the state follows the featured museums at the top.

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Manship House Museum, Jackson, MS Charles Henry Manship House Museum. Jackson, MS Sideboard of Manship House. Jackson, MS Carved wooden bed in Manship House. Jackson, MS
Oaks House Museum, Jackson, MS Oaks House Museum occupied by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. Jackson, MS China bowl painted with flowers in Oaks House Museum. Jackson, MS Two-toned antique dresser in Oaks House Museum. Jackson, MS
Eudora Welty House Museum, Jackson, MS Eudora Welty House Museum. Jackson, MS Portrait of Eudora Welty Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Jackson, MS Chair & table in Eudora Welty House Museum. Jackson, MS
Longwood Octagonal House, Natchez, MS Longwood of mid-19th century Oriental style built for Haller & Julia Nutt. Natchez, MS Central room of Longwood with skylights in ceiling. Natchez, MS Room with staircase in Longwood. Natchez, MS
Stanton Hall, Natchez, MS Stanton Hall. Natchez, MS Settee in Stanton Hall. Natchez, MS Oriental design with elephant in upper hall of Stanton Hall. Natchez, MS
Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library, Biloxi, MS Beauvoir home of Jefferson Davis where former Confederate President wrote "Rise and "Fall of the Confederate Government". Biloxi, MS Portrait of Jefferson Davis at Beauvoir. Biloxi, MS Ceiling detail in central hall at Beauvoir. Biloxi, MS

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