House Museums & Open-Air Museums of Alabama Photos

House Museums are historic or architecturally important homes restored to a defined period of time and open for public tours. Open-Air Museums are collections of such houses in a village or neighborhood with the addition of farms, commercial or industrial buildings. A list of all house museums in the state follows the featured museums at the top.

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Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Museum, Mobile, AL Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. Mobile, AL Curved staircase at Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. Mobile, AL Armchair with round encompassing backrest at Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. Mobile, AL
Conde Charlotte Museum House, Mobile, AL Conde-Charlotte Museum was Mobile's first jail. Mobile, AL Four-poster bed with original knotted & tasseled canopy plus original bedspread at Conde-Charlotte Museum. Mobile, AL Acorn tie back on curtains made of Bohemian glass at Conde-Charlotte Museum. Mobile, AL
Historic Oakleigh Museum House House Museum, Mobile, AL Historic Oakleigh Museum House built by cotton trader James Roper. Mobile, AL Front parlor with marble fireplace & mirrors at Historic Oakleigh Museum House. Mobile, AL Ground floor kitchen / work room at Historic Oakleigh Museum House. Mobile, AL
Richards-DAR House, Mobile, AL Richards-DAR House Museum. Mobile, AL Carerra marble fireplace in living room at Richards-DAR House Museum. Mobile, AL Half tester cradle at Richards-DAR House Museum. Mobile, AL
Bellingrath Home & Gardens, Theodore, AL Gardens of Bellingrath Home. Theodore, AL Informal dining area of Bellingrath House. Theodore, AL Ivory billed woodpecker sculpture in Boehm Porcelain collection at Bellingrath House. Theodore, AL

Other House Museums of Alabama
  • Birmingham: Arlington
  • Demopolis: Bluff Hall
  • Demopolis: Gaineswood
  • Demopolis: Laird Cottage/Geneve Mercer Museum
  • Dothan: Lesker Waddell House
  • Eufala: Fendall Hall
  • Eufaula: Shorter Mansion
  • Florence: W.C. Handy Birthplace Museum & Library
  • Georgiana: Hank Williams Boyhood Home & Museum
  • Greensboro: Magnolia Grove Historic House Museum
  • Hillsboro: Wheeler Plantation
  • Huntsville: Dr. William H. Barritt Mansion
  • Huntsville: Weeden House Museum
  • Jackson: Kimbell House
  • Midland City: Howell House
  • Mobile: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion
  • Mobile: Carlen House Museum
  • Mobile: Conde-Charlotte Museum House
  • Mobile: Cox-Deasy House
  • Mobile: Oakleigh Period House Museum
  • Mobile: Richards-DAR House Museum
  • Montgomery: First White House of the Confederacy
  • Montgomery: Dexter Paronnage / Home of Martin Luther King
  • Montgomery: Log Cabin (Old Alabama Town)
  • Montgomery: Ordeman Townhouse (Old Alabama Town)
  • Montgomery: Shotgun House (Old Alabama Town)
  • Montgomery: Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum
  • Nauvoo: William Cook House
  • Ozark: Mizell Mansion
  • Prattville: Buena Vista Mansion
  • Selma: Sturdivant Hall
  • Tallassee: Patterson Log Cabin
  • Theodore: Bellingrath Gardens & Home
  • Tuscaloosa: Battle-Friedman House
  • Tuscaloosa: Gorgas House
  • Tuscaloosa: Mildred Warner House
  • Tuscaloosa: The Murphy African American Museum
  • Tuscumbia: Belle Mont Mansion
  • Tuscumbria: Ivy Green, Birthplace of Helen Keller
  • Tuskegee Institute: The Oaks
  • Union Springs: Lob Cabin Museum
  • Waterloo: Edith Newman Culver Memorial Museum
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