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Over 115 original photos of Martinique: tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, parks, monuments, museums. This Caribbean island is an overseas Department of France.

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Fort de France, Martinique Library named for Victor Schoelcher who fought against slavery. Fort de France, Martinique Royal Clipper 5-masted sailing ship in Fort de France harbor. Fort de France, Martinique Container port & cranes. Fort de France, Martinique
Martinique Island South of Fort de France Sunset at Diamond Point. Diamant, Martinique Salad bar at French resort. Diamant, Martinique Crafts for sale at pottery center. Trois Islet, Martinique
Pagerie Museum Home of Josephine Bonaparte Doors of Empress Josephine's birthplace at Musée de la Pagerie, her maiden name. Trois Islet, Martinique Portrait of Empress Josephine with Creole attendant in Pagerie Museum. Trois Islet, Martinique
Martinique Island North of Fort de France Pelée Volcano & town of St. Pierre. St Pierre, Martinique Souvenir bottles at Depaz rum distillery. Martinique Creole figure dolls made of plant materials in Musée de Figurines Vegetales on grounds of Plantation Leyritz. Martinique
Garden of Balata Purple-throated Carib Hummingbird approaching feeder. Martinique Red waxy flowers in le Jardin de Balata. Martinique

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