Holocaust Memorials & Jewish Sites Photos

Original images of Holocaust Memorial remembering the six million jews & other victims murdered by Nazis in World War II. Other Jewish Museums & Synagogues are also listed.

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US Holocaust Memorial, Washington, DC U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Washington, DC U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum victims photo wall. Washington, DC U.S. Holocaust Museum memorial flame. Washington, DC
Holocaust Memorial, Miami Beach, FL Detail of sculpted thumb of Holocaust Memorial. Miami Beach, FL Hand reflected in surrounding pool of Holocaust Memorial. Miami Beach, FL Skeletal statues in front of wall with names of victims at Holocaust Memorial. Miami Beach, FL
Holocaust Memorial, Baltimore, MD Holocaust Memorial Plaza with rail tracks & quotes of those subjected to concentration camps. Baltimore, MD Statue of concentration camp victims consumed in The Flame by Joseph Sheppard at Holocaust Memorial. Baltimore, MD
Holocaust Memorial, Houston, TX Holocaust Museum. TX
Museum of Jewish Heritage - Living Memorial to the Holocaust, New York, NY Pyramid atop Museum of Jewish Heritage - Living Memorial to the Holocaust. New York, NY Curved entrance into displays of Museum of Jewish Heritage. New York, NY
Skirball Museum, Los Angeles Safdie's design of Skirball Cultural Center buildings. Los Angeles, CA Zebra in window of Noah's Ark at Skirball Cultural Center. Los Angeles, CA
Jewish Museum of Florida, Miami Beach Jewish Museum of Florida in former Synagogue. Miami Beach, FL Menorah stained-glass window in Jewish Museum of Florida. Miami Beach, FL
Jewish Synagogue Architecture Touro Synagogue neoclassical entrance. Newport, RI. Mickve Israel Synagogue on Monterey Square for a congregation which arrived 1733. Savannah, GA. Beth Shalom Synagogue in Elkins Park. Philadelphia, PA.

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