Monterey, CA Photos

Over 110 original images of Monterey, CA. Monterey is noted for its large number of adobe structures dating from when the town was the capital of Mexican California. It also has an interesting Fisherman's wharf & Cannery Row, both now tourist entertainment districts.

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Mexican Era Heritage Buildings Cooper-Molera Adobe front door & shutters. Monterey, CA
California Era Heritage Buildings Golden State Theatre. Monterey, CA
Monterey Maritime Museum Ornamental carving of cat's head from USS Constitution capped beam holding anchor at Maritime Museum. Monterey, CA
Fisherman's Wharf Smoked salmon steaks at fisherman's wharf. Monterey, CA
Cannery Row Bust of John Steinbeck author of Cannery Row which spotlighted rough life of the sardine canneries. Monterey, CA
Monterey Bay Aquarium Brightly colored jellyfish in Monterey Bay Aquarium. Monterey, CA
Carmel Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission with gardens & out buildings. Carmel, CA

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